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What is the Style?

Style refers to a person’s way of expressing themselves, whether through clothing, Style of writing, or Style of architecture. In the fashion world, “style” is often shorthand for “personal style,” or how a person expresses themselves through aesthetic choices, such as their clothes, accessories, hairstyle, and appearance. A style is a particular way or technique by which something is done, created, or performed.

Difference Between Style and Fashion

There is always an overlap between Fashion and Style. Style relates to the person, while fashion is more collective. Let’s break down the differences:

Individual vs. Collective:

Personal Style belongs to an individual, a means of self-expression. This person can be a fashion designer (like Coco Chanel or Yves Saint Laurent) or anyone outside the fashion industry. The way they dress and express themselves is their Style. On the other hand, fashion is about global trends and the fashion business. The boundaries between fashion and Style are blurred. On the catwalk, a model is part of the fashion world. The way they dress at home, however, is a personal style. When they become influencers, and their Style becomes iconic, they can create their clothing line, turning their Style into fashion.

Timeless vs. Modern:

Style is timeless, while fashion is timely.

Someone fashionable closely follows the latest fashion trends and wears designer clothes. Someone with Style may or may not follow fashion trends, but they always stay true to their aesthetic. Personal Style is about developing a sense of self rather than simply absorbing trends.

Fashion and Style overlap in a street style that photographers capture outside fashion shows. The subjects photographed are usually models, stylists, and fashion editors who wear the clothes of the designers whose runways they attend but who have taken the clothes and designed them to work in real life, effectively merging fashion with Style.

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