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How To Create a Capsule Lingerie Wardrobe

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The idea of capsule wardrobes has caught on around the world. Minimalism is the new sexy. As part of the drive to simplify, look to your lingerie drawer as well as to your closet. Creating a beautiful yet practical capsule lingerie wardrobe makes life easier, and it can also help you feel feminine and beautiful. You can easily gather a capsule lingerie collection suited to your tastes by focusing on key pieces.

Essential Bra Types To Own

For capsule wardrobes to work, whether for clothing or lingerie, they must be practical as well as pretty. There are several essential bra styles you should include in your lingerie capsule. They are:

  • Smooth shaper – A tshirt bra is an example of this type of bra. This style will serve you well under tight-fitting tops and polished, professional blouses.
  • Sexy uplifter – Balconette bras are both beautiful and supportive. Many have the option of removable straps. They work well under tank tops and close-fitting camisoles and layering tops. They also are a great choice for whenever you want to feel feminine and sexy.
  • Sporty support – Invest in a supportive, comfortable sports bra. Not just for sports, athletic-style bras now come in fresh shapes and fun prints. Today’s sports bras are good choices for daily wear and casual fun.
  • No strings attached – In this case, having no straps makes for versatile, feminine style. Strapless bras look great under sheer tops, and they eliminate strap-peek under tanks and sleeveless tops. Support without straps is appealing on those days you want to be comfortable yet beautifully polished.

Breasts are not one-shape-fits-all, so shop with a retailer who offers bras for different shapes to get your best fit. For all of these styles, consider buying matching panties.

Must-Have Underwear Types

For a capsule lingerie wardrobe to work, you need the best underwear for women in  specific shapes. You may have a favorite shape, but exploring other panty options and adding some varying styles to your lingerie collection gives you maximum flexibility. These must-have styles are:

  • Boxers, only better – Boyshorts are great for wearing under loungewear as well as under skirts. They offer the most leg coverage of other styles and look smooth under clothing.
  • Reliable comfort – Briefs are favored by many women because they are so comfortable. There are many shapes within this category, such as low-rise or high-cut legs, which makes this classic style versatile.
  • Popular and pretty – Bikinis are another perennial choice for daily wear. They offer less coverage than briefs, but they provide adaptable style that is valuable for any capsule lingerie collection.
  • Cheeky – Thongs are appreciated by many women because they eliminate panty lines. This underwear style offers the least amount of coverage. Make sure to find thongs that fit your body well, or they might be uncomfortable.

Look for underwear styles that match your bras for a pulled-together lingerie capsule wardrobe that will take you from day to night, year after year.

Like a capsule wardrobe of clothes, a curated lingerie capsule collection simplifies your life without sacrificing femininity or sexiness. Choose quality pieces in essential shapes to ensure you feel pretty and put together, no matter what clothes you may be wearing. Feeling beautiful is always in style.

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