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8 Types of Natural Nail Shapes After Manicure

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Once you are done with the Manicure, you might wonder how to proceed with Nail shapes. Sometimes, it isn’t easy to select a nail shape just like you feel for Nail colour. So, in this article, we shall provide you with tips and tricks on choosing Natural Nail Shapes.

Several people are worried as their nails do not grow. Before selecting your nail shape, you should have knowledge of different types of Nail shapes that you can try depending on what kind of nails you have. Beautiful nails are necessary if you want to look gorgeous. And also, you should have the required tools to shape the nails. Your nail shape follows your cuticle line. Hence, it is necessary to check how your cuticle line is.

8 Different Types You Should KnowDifferent Types of Natural Nail Shapes

Knowing the best shape for your nails depends on your finger shape and cuticle line. So, here are different types mentioned below. Either you can try them by yourself, or you can take the help of an expert to shape them. To strengthen your nails, take biotin supplements or biotin-rich foods like nuts, whole grains, cooked eggs, cauliflower, and bananas. And also, make a habit of applying Cuticle oil every night before going to bed.

Round Shaped NailsRound Shaped Nails

For people who face difficulty growing nails, Round shaped nails are suggestable as they are straightforward to maintain. You have to shape them square initially and then give a natural curve at the tips. It is suitable for all kinds of fingers. There is a saying Old is gold; in the same way, round nails are ever popular and easy to create at home. Just fill your nails in one direction to create a rounded tip. A bright and cheering nail polish gives a gorgeous look. They look best with any shade of nail polish or also unpolished.

Oval Shaped NailsOval Shaped Nails

Oval-shaped nails, the most traditional and suitable for short fingers, give an elegant appearance. You have to file around the nails to provide an egg-like structure. This shape is the right choice for short fingers as it makes fingers look longer. The figure is rounded but has a flat, blunt tip. A shiny glossy top coat and natural rose colour give a stunning look to your fingernails. It has a sophisticated shape and works for all kinds of nail designs.

Almond Shaped Nails

This Almond shape is more oval-shaped with a much longer tip; it is wider at the base and slender along the sides. It looks like an almond and gives an attractive look to anyone. File on both sides, making a peak at the centre point. If you want to extend the look of your nails, this is the perfect shape. We recommend a glass nail file that is more hygienic and allows you to be precise while filing your nail.

Square Shaped NailsSquare Shaped Nails

The tips of the nails are square; hence, the risk of breaking is less. You can easily create a straight-line finish using clippers. It is also one of the most popularly used among women. Smooth the edges using a filer, and you are good to go. Block and bold polished colours are suitable for square-shaped nails.

Squoval Shaped NailsSquoval Shaped Nails

Squoval Shaped Nails are a variation of square and oval shapes and are a popular choice among women. You need to first shape your nails as elliptical and then as square at its tip. This shape looks best with geometric nail art designs. It combines the neatness of a straight, square shade with the softness of an oval, the nail is predominately square with rounded edges. Those who look for less maintenance prefer this shape.

Coffin Shaped NailsCoffin Shaped Nails

Anyone can wear a coffin nail shape. Coffin Shaped Nails are the trending style for nail art designs. These nails are long, tapered towards the tip and flat at the end, longer than square shaped nails and give a super dramatic look. They’re long, round, and slim with a narrow but rounded top. The coffin nail shape is for those who prefer a square shape but don’t want the nail to be boxy and wide. It’s a happy medium between the square and almond nails.

Stiletto Shaped Nails

They’re nails that have been filed or sculpted to a smooth, thin point. Many Internet nail lovers rock almonds, coffins (ballerinas), or similarly pointy nails and call them stiletto nails in error. Like stiletto heels, they’re fierce, stand out, and command attention. They don’t need a lot of polish or nail art to stand out, although they’re even more dramatic that way.

Ballerina Shaped Nails

The shape is essentially the same as a stiletto nail but with a square tip instead of a pointed tip resembling the form of a coffin and ballerina slipper. This shape offers the length of a stiletto nail and works well for people with naturally solid and long nails with slim fingers.


The implications of the Red Nails Theory are far-reaching. The theory has been backed up by research, which shows that men find women with red nails more attractive than those with any other colour nails. Most women opt for Round shaped nails as it is easy to manage and, at the same time, look good on short nails. However, depending on your nail size and cuticle form, you can choose any of the above styles and shape for your nails.

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