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Almond VS Oval Nails – How are they Different?

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If you have finished with your Manicure, it’s time to decide how to shape and color your nails. If you don’t know what shapes are available for your nails depending on the structure, then it’s always better to ask your manicurist about Almond VS Oval Nails. You should ask about which shape is suitable and the color of the nail polish. However, again you might be confused about Round, Oval, and Almond shaped nails as they all look alike.

Looking at your nails, are you confused?

Is it Oval? Almond? Or Round?

It happened to me once; though I was sure it was not Square, I was confused about whether my nail shape was oval, almond, or round. So, this article gives you a clear picture of Almond Vs. Oval Shaped nails. But, to know the differences between Almond and Oval shaped nails, first, you should know what they are.

Almond NailsAlmond Nails

If you see an actual almond, it has a tip at the edge, and the other side is oval. Similarly, Almond nails have a broad base, slim sides, and sharp tips. As there is a chance of breakage for these shaped nails, it is advisable to use acrylic nails and shape them so that the natural nail gets support over them. To get a perfect shape, you need to use a straight nipper. First, you cut slowly at the edges to get a triangular shape. Then, very gently and just a little bit, you file your nails with a filer to get the form of an almond. Your pressure should be minimal while filing, and I am sure you will get perfect Almond Shaped Nails.

Oval NailsOval Nails

Oval nails look the same as round nails, but they are different. They are filed down on the sides in addition to the tips. So the curvature looks like an egg. It would be the perfect shape for those with short fingers, giving a long look. We also need straight edge-shaped nippers for this kind of nail, just like for Almond shaped nails.

Similarly, it would help if you slowly cut the sides to get a triangular shape but not at the edge. File the side walls gently, keeping an eye on the center. Do not get a pointed shape here. It should be like an egg overall. Here, the pre-edge of your nail and the top of the nail are in a straight line.

Almond VS Oval Nails

Now, you know more about Almond and oval-shaped nails. Both the shapes look great on you, but to decide and choose which suits you better, let’s understand their differences. Here, we are considering the most critical factors which we generally determine.

Natural Shape

  • Oval nails feature slightly tapered sides ending in a soft semicircle. As a result, they offer a natural form and are one of the most robust shapes. In addition, it makes them less prone to breaking.
  • Almond nails are a version of oval nails. The difference is they keep a broad base and then taper the sides ending in a rounded point like an almond.

Shape Of Your Nail Bed

The nail bed is the skin or area exactly underneath your nail plate. It has blood vessels that supply nutrients to the fingertip. Sometimes, people get confused with nail bed and the nail plate, as in, “Oh, you have such pretty nail beds,” but the compliment is likely meant for the nail plate rather than the skin it rests on.

  • Oval nails are more versatile. They suit every type of nail bed, be it narrow or wide.
  • Almond nails, on the other hand, fit a wider nail bed. It draws attention to the narrowing tip.

Fingers And Their Shape

Fingers might be short, long, slim, or thick. So depending on your fingers, you can choose the perfect shape.

  • Oval nails look great on short fingers. It is because they replicate the shape of your fingers and make them look longer.
  • Almond nails are more versatile, looking ideal on short and long fingers.

Length Of Your Nails

  • Oval nails are more versatile. They are ideal when you work with natural nails. You can add them to long and short nails. There is no need to get long nails to flaunt the shape. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the length of your nails should be longer than your fingertips.
  • Almond-shaped nails, on the other hand, offer an elongated shape. Therefore, they are best suited for medium and long nails that give you an illusion of extra length.


Appearance has to be perfect and attractive.

  • Opt for oval nails if you make your fingers look slender and longer. The shape will look great on longer lengths adding an elegant appearance.
  • Almond nails can slenderize thicker fingers and broader nail beds. And they look great if you want to add extra length. In addition, the flattening shape gives your hands a beautiful and tapered look.


A critical factor in deciding oval vs. almond nails is maintenance. Let’s be honest; we do not always have the time to make our nails.

  • Oval nails require only minimum maintenance.
  • Almond nails, however, require maintenance every two to three weeks if you have acrylic nails.


  • Oval nails are easily manageable but have a weaker structure.
  • Almond nails can make your natural nails weaker and more prone to breakage. This is because natural nails cannot hold the almond shape and look for a while. So they have to be reinforced with acrylic nails or gel nails.
  • If you want to be comfortable, oval-shaped nails are much better. They will not disrupt your lifestyle. You can finish your day-to-day activities easily and comfortably.
  • With almond nails, you might have trouble doing housework or playing sports. In addition, they require longer nails which might be a challenge.

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