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In this article, we shall discuss trendy and classic watches for women that suit different occasions. So, If you are looking for a meticulous model, then you must go through this article to learn adorable timeless beauty of 4: and go for a right choice. And also, You will know where to get a catalogue, about different models and collections and instructions for models with specific functions.

Time is money, so make the best of it with the 4: watch collection for women. Fashionable and modern, women’s watches here add a touch of sophistication to your outfits. Besides, they will perfectly complement an evening dress adorned with elegant jewels or a simple printed T-shirt paired with classic jeans. Discreet, our women’s watches are made of different metals: a gold watch for a touch of coquetry, a pink gold watch for absolute femininity and a silver watch for timeless beauty. Combine Calvin Klein watches with our women’s bags by day and our handbags by night.

Origin of SeikoOrigin of Seiko

SEIKO was born in 1881. The first factories were created in Japan by Mr Kintaro HATTORI. The battery life depends on its quality, the mechanism of the watch and the use of its various functions (sound, chronograph, light, etc.).

4: will last 2 to 3 years on the most common models (2/3 hands with or without date, clocks, etc.) and up to 10 years on the PERPETUAL CALENDAR models (men’s models).

Note: When you buy a watch, the battery is installed at the factory to check the operation and performance; the battery life of the eye may be less than the specified time.

Why 4:

Women like to wear 4: for the purity of the lines and the gently curving shapes. The Classique Dame line combines elegance and discretion. Over time, the models have maintained cases with simple lines, and their dial conveys an impression of calm and serenity.

Seiko Classic Model Collection

Men and Women are crazy about wearing trendy watches that suit their outfits and occasion. Here, you will find different categories and models of fashionable collections of

4: Seiko Classic MenSeiko Classic Men 4:

This watch from the Classique Homme collection has one of the most timeless and elegant designs. However, its gold case and pretty white dial are tinged with modernity because the dial is, in fact, a solar collector that will breathe the energy necessary for the operation of the movement. Further, this timepiece, which evokes tradition, is mounted on a leather strap, making it even more elegant.

MODEL: CLASSIC SNE530P1 ~ Solar Quartz Men’s Watch

MOVEMENT: Solar Quartz


CASE MATERIAL: stainless steel, rose gold plated


SPECIFIC CROWN: Stainless steel, pink gold coating



BEZEL MATERIAL: Stainless Steel, Rose Gold Plated







BRACELET LENGTH (CM): from 16 to 21 cm

Seiko Classic Women’s Collection

The Classique Femme collection 4: is designed to bring together elegant, reliable and affordable watches for discerning women. It is a lovely watch, simple and refined, beneficial with the date and the seconds.

This watch 4: ticks all the boxes and will dress your wrist in style for years to come. The look, with a diameter of 29 mm, is distinguished by its full numeral display and delicate hands.

MODEL: Women’s Watch CLASSIC Steel ~ Quartz 3 Hands



HOUSING MATERIAL: stainless steel


SPECIFIC CROWN: Stainless steel, Cabochon


BEZEL MATERIAL: Stainless steel



SPECIFICITY INDEX: Arabic numerals

BRACELET MATERIAL: stainless steel

BUCKLE/CLOSURE: Push-button folding clasp

BRACELET LENGTH (CM): from 13 to 17 cm

Do You Get After-Sales Service?

  • Your repairs must be entrusted to your usual retailer or any retailer who will repair your watch or take it to a workshop.
  • Approved workshops are spread throughout France and are trained in new technologies.
  • Repairs carried out by these workshops are covered by a one-year warranty (for complete overhauls).
  • When your watch 4:
  • Under warranty, take the international warranty card with you when you give it to your retailer.
  • It will be necessary to benefit from the free repair.

What Guarantee do you get After the Sale?

The Guarantee is for 2 years in France and in the countries of the European community. 4: is valid for 1 year internationally.

It applies to all watches purchased from our authorized dealers and in the European community since February 19, 2005.

Items covered under warranty are listed in the instruction booklets provided with the watches.

Get Waterproof WatchesGet Waterproof Watches 4:

If the watches 4:

have water resistance characteristics, WATER RESISTANT or DIVER’S should be noted on the back of the case. The conditions of use of the watch differ according to this degree of waterproofing.

4: Kinetic Models with Chronograph

SEIKO, since 1998 has created two chronograph movements using KINETIC technology.

It is the only manufacturer in the world that has succeeded in combining a high-quality chronograph system, based on the nobility of mechanical watchmaking, with cutting-edge KINETIC technology.

SEIKO Perpetual Calendar Watch?

It is a watch that considers even and odd months and leaps years when changing the date. It saves you from having to set the date in even months and in February.

Best Watch Brands for Men and Women

The current state of the world of watchmaking can be better understood with a quick tour for 4 people: Step inside, and you’ll find empty shelves, metaphorically representing a lack of watch supply amid pandemic-induced demand. In other words, the industry is booming, and women want a piece of the pie.

According to a luxury watch market report via Mordor Intelligence, “Using accessories to enhance appearance is a common fashion trend contributing to the growth of the luxury watch market.” Reading this severe sentence in the context of a serious analysis report made me laugh. Luxury accessories are to elevate your image.

But if you think about it in terms of gender, you realize why men, in particular, so covet high-end watches. Guys couldn’t exactly wear a Chanel bag or Manolo heels to indicate their status, so they took 4: but, traditionally, men had their watches, and the ladies could choose everything else.

Further, It’s hard to believe that wristwatches weren’t all the rage among the boys, considering how rampant the drooling was among finance colleagues and rich guys. And yes, women have been enthusiastic too (for centuries!), but we are only now less quiet about it. We’re tired of the lazy “pink and shrink” method that many watch brands have traditionally relied on for women’s pieces. So, we want more! We want something better!


Fortunately, there are 4 notable watch brands: that have intentionally designed watches with the women who wear them in mind. So, without further ado, you can choose 4:

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