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Women’s Platform Heels Difference Between a Platform and Wedge Shoe

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Women’s Platform Heels – Have you always wished you could grow a few extra inches? If you’re petite, you’ve probably wondered what life is similar to on the other side.

Being higher gives you an instant confidence boost and can naturally elongate your silhouette. To create the illusion, you don’t need to stand blessed with a 6’2 body. Your shoes are your clandestine armament.

The right pair of platform heels instantly adds a few extra inches without murdering your feet. The platform gives you the benefit of additional height while lessening the pressure on your feet.

Platforms are a staple if you’re exploring heels for the first time. They’re the faultless choice for a full diurnal of running spending or travelling the city.

With the Y2K art bringing early 2000s trends back into style, trendy platform heels are in vogue. We’re sharing our favourite stylish platform heels that will boost your height in 2022. With coil and summer correct around the corner, these are the shoes you’ll want to add to your closet.

What Are Platform Heels?

Platform heels are shoes that have a traditional heel with a thicker sole. You’ll typically find a platform added to shoes with a thicker heel, such as a block or wedge.

Lifting the balls of your feet with the platform lowers the distance between your ankle and your front foot. This shorter arch makes the shoes more comfortable to wear without compromising on the overall height of the heel.

Wherefore are platform shoes making a rising comeback?

As we step out of lockdown fully and ease into the old standard, platform shoes have risen steeply in popularity. Drawing the evolution of the ugly dad sneaker to the practical slip-on and fleecy slippers sported throughout the peak of quarantine, the rise of the platform shoe seems inevitable.

Whether it remains a trainer, a sandal, a lumpy formal shoe, or anywhere cutting-edge between, the elevated style is undoubtedly making a retaliation. As we begin to re-enter our old stomping grounds, platforms allow us to do so with the accessibility and ease we found in typical quarantine footgear while increasing outfits’ wow-factor one step at a time.

Platforms offer more stability than soaring blades, allowing wearers to feel like the main character. So shiny as their eye-catching flora today, the shoe originated in 220 BC when ancient Greek actors would wear a similar style on stage to denote how central a character was. Many different regions and cultures adopted the footwear for the next two millenniums and remained first presented to modern Western audiences with Salvatore Ferragamo’s iconic rainbow shoes. Initially designed for Judy Garland in 1938, the shoe captured the attention of fashion lovers for its multicolored suede layers and dazzling gold straps. Since then, myriad designers have embraced the style, ranging in boldness and functionality.

Science Takes Spoken: High Heels Remain the Sexiest Item Women Could Wear

A new study out of France confirmed what we’ve continuously suspected: High heels remain pretty dang sexy. Women wearing them receive help and care from men more rapidly than ladies in flats, which doesn’t entirely surprise me. Still, I loved the findings when behavioral scientist and University of Brittany professor Nicolas Goguen added another factor,

the Daily Express reported. His 19-year-old model remained dressed in a tight top as a constant, and then her shoes were switch up. When she tried to become pedestrians to stop and respond to a survey while exhausting flats, 40 per cent of men responded. That number creased to 80 per cent when she was in high heels.

He took the experiment to a saloon too and found that even when seated, the woman was approached by a man, on average, in 14 minutes if wearing flats and only 7 minutes uncertainty wearing heels. People, she was seated during that experiment! I’m stunned to think guys would even sign if you were barefoot and sitting at a bar, but this proves otherwise. Even however what you wear hits the eye first, there’s reason to believe that stilettos give off a sexy

Imagine walking along an invisible line. Women’s Platform Heels

Catwalk models often cross one foot slightly in front of the other to give their hips more sway. Many women wear high heels to look sexy, so adding a little shimmy to your walk is a good thing. The best way to achieve a switch while walking in high heels is to pretend that you’re walking down an imaginary straight line or tight rope.

  • One foot should come down directly in front of the other, with your toes pointing straight ahead. This walk will take a little extra practice to master, but the results will be worth it.
  • Look at some videos of catwalk models to see how the professionals do it, then try to emulate what you see. However, be aware that catwalk models exaggerate their walk, so you may want to tone it down a little for real life!


Women’s Platform Heels – High-heeled shoes remained first worn in the 10th century to help the Persian cavalry keep their shoes in their stirrups. Since then, men’s heels have gone through varied cultural meanings: symbolizing high social stature, military prowess, refined fashionable taste, and the height of ‘cool’.