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Exploring the Booming Market of Wholesale Hair Replacement Systems in India

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India, with a population ranking second to China, holds vast market potential. One sector that has witnessed remarkable growth in recent years is the wholesale hair replacement products market. India’s rich religious customs and traditions have brought a lot of human hair into this market.

As people, especially men, become increasingly conscious of their appearance in today’s world of celebrities and social media, the demand for hair replacement solutions has surged. This blog will delve into India’s thriving market of wholesale hair replacement systems and the factors driving its success.

Local Demand Sparks Growth in India’s Hair Replacement Market

Despite the massive volume of hair collected in temples and exported, the profit margins in hair export are relatively low. Recognizing the significant local demand for hair replacement products, Indian business people have shifted their focus to the domestic market.

They have begun making their hair products, including wefts and hair replacement systems, to cater to the growing needs of local customers, salons, and studios. Hair wefts, which are easy to manufacture, find a significant market in Africa while producing hair replacements is more intricate and requires skilled manual work.

In recent years, some Indian entrepreneurs have sought to enhance their skills in hair system-making by learning techniques from countries like China, Japan, and South Korea. The result is the establishment of local factories producing hair toupees.

However, due to comparatively less developed processing technology in India, the hairpieces produced locally need a more natural appearance and the comfort of high-quality systems. Nonetheless, their affordability addresses the demands of domestic consumers with lower spending capacities who prioritize affordability over a natural effect.

Indian Hair Replacement Wholesale Market’s Expansion

Although capable of manufacturing hair replacements, many Indian hair toupee suppliers opt to import high-quality products from international markets like China, Japan, South Korea, or the USA for resale to Indian customers seeking undetectable and premium hair replacement systems. As a result, India’s wholesale hair replacement market has witnessed significant growth.

Seeking the best hair replacement systems, more Indian hair toupee suppliers are turning to China as a reliable source. Among the preferred choices for Indian suppliers is New Times Hair, a professional wholesale human hair wig distributor known for its quality products and exceptional customer service.

New Times Hair: Catering to the Indian Market

New Times Hair offers a diverse range of hair replacement systems designed to cater to the unique demands of the Indian market. Some of the recommended products for Indian customers include:

1. Durable Hair Replacements with Fine Mono Base

Hair systems with a solid mono base are recommended for those seeking long-lasting hair replacements without frequent replacements. Models like the HS27, D7-3, and P1-3-5 are excellent choices, offering durability and affordability.

The base design of these hair systems consists of fine mono with a PU perimeter. The mono area features strong double knots, while the PU coating has single split knots, ensuring minimal hair shedding. Customers can use tape on the PU perimeter for easy maintenance and cleaning.

The mono lace base is breathable and durable, providing a comfortable and secure fit for extended wear. Additionally, the HS27 can be customized to fit various scalp sizes, adding to its versatility.

2. Fully Natural and Undetectable Wholesale Hair Replacement Systems

For individuals seeking a completely natural and undetectable look, hair replacement systems like HS25, HS7, HS1, and injected lace are prevalent in India, as well as in Europe and North America.

HS1 and HS25: Thin Skin Toupees

HS1 boasts a super-thin skin base with a thickness of 0.08mm, making it virtually undetectable. The front hairline is meticulously designed with V-looped hair, creating a realistic appearance. The rest of the base features single split knots for strength and durability, reducing hair shedding. With proper care, the HS1 has a lifespan of around three to six months.

On the other hand, the HS25 features an ultra-thin skin base with a thickness of only 0.03mm, suitable only for V-looped hair. This ventilation method eliminates knots, resulting in an incredibly natural look akin to hair growing directly from the scalp. While the HS25 offers exceptional realism, its lifespan is shorter, lasting around one month.

HS7: French Lace Toupee

The HS7 is a best-selling option among stock toupees. It boasts an entirely French lace base, known for its softness, lightweight feel, and breathability. Bleached knots on the lace ensure that they remain invisible, achieving a natural and undetectable appearance. With a lifespan of around three to six months, the HS7 balances realism and durability.

Injected Lace Toupees: Silk Top

Injected lace toupees are particularly popular in India, with local salons and studios frequently stocking them for local customers. Injected lace, also known as silk top, employs a ventilation method without knots on the hair side of the lace base.

The hair grows directly from the scalp, providing an incredibly natural look. Although complex to produce due to the skilled knotting work required, the result justifies the higher cost. Injected lace wigs have a lifespan of around one year.


India’s wholesale hair replacement systems market has experienced substantial growth due to increasing awareness of appearance and hair loss problems among the population. With the local demand for hair replacements surging, many Indian business people have entered the market to produce and sell their hair products.

Despite local production, Indian suppliers import high-quality hair replacement systems from international markets to meet the growing demand for undetectable and premium hair solutions.

New Times Hair has emerged as a favored supplier among Indian hair toupee suppliers, offering a wide array of hair replacement systems that cater to the unique needs and preferences of the Indian market. As India’s wholesale hair replacement systems market expands, opportunities abound for suppliers to thrive in this lucrative sector.

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