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Tips for Making Branded Conference Bags

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Branded conference bags can be a good promotional product. Besides that, they are a more wholesome gift than t-shirts or any item that is not for everyday use. The attendees will go home with a wonderful gift while you get free marketing and brand awareness.

However, making quality custom-branded conference bags can be a challenge. There are factors you need to consider such as the quality of the materials, size, and design. In this guide, we share handy tips to remember when making branded conference bags.

Develop a Design

There are two approaches that you can take when coming up with a design for your conference bags. The first option is taking an existing design and customizing it by adding your brand’s colors and logo. Option two is hiring a professional designer to help you create a design.

A professional designer will help you choose the right colors and fonts that match the event. They will also make the design look more professional. At the end, you want a bag with an eye-catching design that will represent your brand well.

Choose the Right Material

Think of comfort, appearance, and durability when choosing the best material for your bags. There are plenty of options to pick from including eco-friendly materials such as cotton, canvas, and leather.

While choosing a material, consider maintenance. Does the material dry quickly after cleaning? Leather and canvas bags are very durable but can be costly to manufacture. Cotton is a good pick if you are looking for material on a budget.

Ensure that the zippers are of high quality. Add extra padding on the straps and handles for extra comfort. Compartments will also make packing and arranging stuff inside the bag easier.

Add Extra Features

Extra features could be a water bottle holder, stationary pouch, and security features on the zippers. The idea here is to make the bag more valuable for everyday use. For example, if you are designing backpacks for a conference, having extra padding on the back side is a plus.

Besides having extra features in the bag, why not add goodies for the attendees? A branded pen, mouse pad, notepad, or water bottle are all good choices. It will be best if all of the gifts inside the bag are branded.

Choose a Good Manufacturer

Once you have the design and everything else in place, it’s time to look for a company to manufacture the bags for you. Review the company’s contract terms before engaging them for their services. In addition, look at some of the products and past clients.

Also, pick a company that has a team of in-house designers. The team will help improve your original design. They will also help you choose the best material for your bags. In the end, you will save money from the free consultation.

Bottom Line

Quality branded conference bags will do your business a whole lot of good. Use the tips in this guide to make custom-branded bags that will leave the attendees happy while promoting your brand.