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Who decides what’s in Fashion?

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Fashion is a term commonly used to describe a style of clothing worn by most people of a country. A fashion usually remains popular for about 1-3 years and then is replaced by another fashion. Even though there are a lot of changes , most people do not efficiently accept the changes. A clothing style may be introduced as a fashion, but its use becomes a custom after being handed down from generation to generation.

A fashion that comes and goes is called a Fad. This term does not just define all the latest, most popular, most famous clothes. In reality, this social phenomenon involves more importance. It helps us show who we are and depict our personality through visual information. In choosing clothes, we offer our attitude to the world and other people. It is also some communication. We put some of our personality at everything, how we behave in different situations, what we eat and which style of clothes we choose at shops.

All the parts of it build the mainstream of Fashion. Designers can significantly influence what direction Fashion will go in. Working five or six months ahead of the season, the press attends fashion shows presenting designer collections; the media will then give editorial coverage to trends they think their readership is interesting in. Likewise, store buyers work many months before the season to place orders with manufacturers for styles they believe their customers will want to buy.

Where are the world’s fashion center’s?

New York, Paris and Milan considering the significant hubs for designers and manufacturers of fashion apparel and accessories. However, London, Los Angeles, Toronto, Hong Kong, Sydney and Sao Paolo, and hundreds of other smaller market areas are host to excellent designers and manufacturers Center of the fashion world is often the first choice of top designers as a place to show collection Milan: Known for beautiful fabrics and sophisticated prints, the leader in the production of leather accessories, such as shoes and handbags.

London: Originally noted for men’s business-suit classic style, now focuses on high-quality ready-to-wear Tokyo: Continues to influence western Fashion with color, asymmetrical balance, unusual shapes and use of fibers. Fashion Centers the industry is truly international. Its presence in cities around the world. Centers are usually locate in cities where fashion design and production firms are cluster.

Some of these centers are locations for  Weeks. When designers present new designs or collections, most essential collection shows twice a year, featuring spring-summer and fall-winter lines. Awards FDA Awards Gives awards yearly to designers in women’s wear, men’s wear and accessories, and other categories.

Coty Awards: Presented from 1943 to 1978, becoming the Catty Spark Awards through 1988.Coty Hall of Fame: Given to designers who won Coty Awards 3 different times. Donna Karen, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, among other Neiman Marcus Awards: given to a designer who has designed, publicized, or worn Fashion that has influenced the public. Christian Dior, Coco Chanel, Yves St. Laurent, Ralph Lauren, Levi Strauss, Giorgio Armani, and Karl Lagerfeld are some of the recipients

Why study fashion communication and styling with us

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Fashion keeps inviting and exploring new lands and bases whenever a new design develops. But the concepts and process involved remain the exact, and design derivation are always fresh, crisp and edgy. We will never fade its face in any era. Style in you showcases the outlook of who you are as a person.