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Exploring the Hottest Trends on Swiss Fashion Blogs

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Switzerland, basically called Swiss, is famous for its thriving fashion industry with Swiss Fashion Blogs. It is a land of designers, trendsetters, and fashion enthusiasts. Their motives include flowers, cows, mountains, and cowbells. Due to the craze of fashion, we find several famous bloggers here who play a vital role in Switzerland’s culture and society. Therefore, the fashion bloggers here create fun and entertainment, facing many challenges to create a space for themselves.

In this article, we shall learn about the hottest trends in Swiss fashion. So, keep reading till the end to remember more about fashion blogs, brands, and fashion bloggers.

What is Fashion Blog?What is Fashion Blog

At the fashion blog, the blogger writes articles on fashion and publishes images and videos of clothing, jewelry, accessories, etc. Such bloggers play a vital role in the present fashion industry. They engage themselves in magazines, campaigns, and commercial places. Fashion bloggers first select their niche, choose to host, and install Word Press to make their website famous and on top ranking. Later, they publish many articles to make their blog attractive with many images, videos, and consistent posts on their site and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, etc. In Swiss, bloggers set the trend with plenty of style and fashion through their discovery.

Swiss Fashion BrandsSwiss Fashion Brands

How do you know about the most famous fashion brand? As per the Fashion United Index, most recognized fashion brands have the highest brand value. It is because the designers create brand value with their stylish, fashionable dresses with high standards. The following are the top 4 Fashion brands worldwide.

Brand 2020                          Brand Value $

Nike                                        $36.8 b

Louis Vuitton                       $32.3 b

Hermes                                  $18.3 b

Gucci                                      $18.2 b

In Swiss, people wear eco-friendly and inexpensive garments that look stylish and comfortable to wear and protect them from cold weather.

Top 3 Fashion Brands in Swiss:


Avani is a sustainable fashion brand in Swiss offering wardrobe essentials made of 100% natural materials through spinning and weaving. It gives us naturally dyed scarves, shawls, and stoles.

Category: Basics, dresses, denim, knitwear

For: Women

From: Geneva, Switzerland

Values: Organic, timeless, local, made in France

Prices: $70-$200

Priya Wear

Priyanka Pradhan is the founder of Priya Wear, a lifestyle brand designed in Switzerland. She prefers Contemporary designs with hand block-prints using wooden blocks. People of Swiss are crazy about wearing garments with such colorful designs.

Category: Basics, dresses, loungewear, accessories

For: Women

From: Lugano, Switzerland

Values: Organic, artisan craft

Prices: $50-$100

Beyond Nature

This fashion brand is famous for its tribal and fairy vibes. People love to wear such beautiful, unique, and delicate pieces of art.

Category: Basics, dresses, loungewear, accessories, jewelry

For: Women

From: Zug, Switzerland

Values: Organic, artisan craft

Prices: $50-$190

Swiss Fashion BloggersSwiss Fashion Bloggers

Swiss Fashion Bloggers make women feel comfortable and confident with their unique variety of styles. Fashion blogger influences their followers on social media with their opinion and recommendation. In the present world, they work as a model, journalist, and stylist in the fashion industry. There is no limitation or restriction to becoming a fashion blogger. Hence, people of Swiss who are very fond of fashion become a blogger either part-time or full-time.

Best Swiss Fashion Bloggers

The best Swiss Fashion blogger successfully gets total traffic on their website and attracts customers with their writing skills who follow on Instagram with several likes.

The top 3 Best Swiss Fashion Bloggers are as below:

Best For Fashion: Sandra’s Closet

It is the personal blog of Sandra Bauknecht. She is the former fashion editor of Marie Claire magazine and also editor-in-chief of L’Officiele in Switzerland. At Sandra’s Closet, blog posts are frequently updated with the latest trends and her picks. Unfortunately, copying her as she wears costly garments is not easy.

Best For Lifestyle: Ask the Monsters

Beatrice Lessi is the blog’s author, and she entertains people with her positivity. The blog always has regular traffic with her creative ideas and inspiration. She is a testimonial for “Save the Children Suisse.”

Best for Getting to Know Switzerland: Newly Swissed

This blog was made by Dimitri and Mamiko Burkhard, famous for destinations, culture, and travel. It is a goldmine of information, as you can search for any info here.

Swiss Male InfluencersSwiss Male Influencers

As per Mediaboss, an influencer is a person, male or female, who has an active presence on the web and social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Snapchat, etc.

The Top 5 Swiss Male Influencers are

  1. @kristinabazan – 12 234 500 followers
  2. @legrandjd – 5,145,000 followers
  3. @anilbrancaleoni – 2 778 700 followers
  4. @iambirdyy – 1,548,000 followers
  5. @imsamiloft – 1 330 536 followers


With this, we conclude that a blogger or an influencer must build loyalty and space in mind and heart of the customer. Then, they promote their product and services in exchange for creative posts on social media platforms. I hope this article was interesting for you to gather relevant information for your requirement.

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