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Lavish and Stylish Acrylic Coffee Table Types

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An acrylic coffee table can make a big impact. Not only does it provide a clean look, but it can also make your home feel more spacious than it is. The centrepiece also gives the glass appearance but is less likely to break. On top of that, it’s a strong, lightweight option for easy movement.

We’ve rounded up the best acrylic coffee tables if you’re ready to let your living room breathe. From a classic toboggan design to a multicoloured iridescent silhouette, these picks are cute, functional, and have rave reviews you can trust. Don’t wait; embrace the light and chic style and see the difference it will make in your home.

Types of Acrylic Coffee TableTypes of Acrylic Coffee Table

Josephine sleigh coffee table

Avenue Etta


At around $380, this Wayfair staple is one of the more affordable options. It features a popular sledge-like design, and reviewers confirm that it’s very durable. “I got this because I have a young child and needed a safe table that still looks stylish,” wrote one five-star reviewer. “She gets along everywhere, and she’s fine.” Others confirm that the table is almost invisible; some have even noted that they have bumped into it several times, so be careful!

Invisible coffee tableInvisible coffee table


$1,255 IN 2 MODERN

Tokujin Yoshioka designs it for Kartell; our next tall coffee table suggestion is from a single piece of cast acrylic. The square table measures under 40 inches wide and is suitable for indoor and outdoor use. Bonus: It’s Greenguard certified, which means it’s been tested and has low chemical emissions.

Peekaboo acrylic coffee table

$399 IN CB2

At 37.5 inches wide, the CB2 is smaller, making it ideal for apartments with limited square footage. Please place it in front of a small sofa or loveseat for a light and airy setup.

Besides, I recently moved into my first apartment, a studio, so I had to choose what furniture I invested in.” a satisfied customer shared, “I’ve been keeping an eye on this table as it’s so classy and elegant. It’s the perfect height and size overall and excellent quality!”

Acrylic coffee table


Measuring 50 inches long, the following is a perfect option for large sofas or sectionals. The extra space allows you to place drinks and snacks and display coffee table books.

Bullington coffee table

Orren Ellis


You can consider a coffee table with square acrylic legs if you’d rather keep the decor on the shelf to a certain extent than on top of the rug. This one features chrome accents and a tempered glass top for an extremely luxurious material combination. You can display books and other items on the upper and lower frames. Additionally, those who have purchased it have said it is very easy to set up.

Oscarine Lucite Round Mirrored Coffee Table



With a plexiglass frame, a round coffee table with many attractive elements: a tempered glass top, a mirrored shelf and brushed brass details. It instantly adds a glamorous touch to any living room.

Coffee table with four legs Mcdanold

Orren Ellis


For a more industrial vibe, opt for a rectangular acrylic coffee table. The exposed hardware gives it a cool mechanical look, while the sharp angles give it some edge.

Calini coffee tableCalini coffee table

Lumo’s House


Surprisingly, coloured acrylic coffee tables are not easy to find. Casa Di Lumo’s multicoloured iridescent table has some of the best reviews, with many praising its magical reflection in the light. The rounded legs and oval top also make it a unique purchase.

I loved the simple, no-frills look of the coffee table, and coincidentally, I’m redecorating my place. I made a note to look for a similar style. It seemed like my entire feed consisted of images of the table in various iterations of glass and acrylic. Sitting in the plant-filled dwellings of other cool writers, artists, and influencers on Instagram, including a stacked acrylic side table in the living room by best-selling author Samantha Irby.

Keeping that in mind, we reached out to eight stylish people who own these tables, in various guises, old and new, to find out where and why they bought theirs.

Acrylic Coffee Table Owned by Stylish People

Safavieh Home Collection Atka Coffee Table, Clear


$514 now 43% off

After months of searching for a transparent coffee table that would take up less space in her colourful California home, Jazmine Rogers, the sustainable fashion influencer, found an acrylic one identical to this Safavieh table from OfferUp. “I favour buying my furniture second-hand because it’s cheaper and better for the environment,” says Roger. Satisfied with how well the table fit into her space, she purchased a matching acrylic side table.

Wheelan coffee table


What the couple behind Instagram Brownstones found most appealing about their glass waterfall table was that it added a modern twist to their historic brownstone while still emphasizing the original details of the room.

Lavish Home Modern Clear Acrylic C-Style Vertical Table


There are also smaller versions of the coffee table for those working with limited space. Becky Simpson found hers at Home Depot. I wanted small and understated, so I opted for acrylic to keep the focal point against the colourful Moroccan rug. You can also place this coffee table to the side, making it a dining table—a very practical supplement.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the acrylic coffee table scratch?

Suppose you want to place a metal or similar object with hard edges on a tabletop or acrylic surface. In that case, Von Furstenberg suggests glueing felt pads to the bottom of the piece to prevent it from scratching the delicate surface. Acrylic can be easily scratched, so avoid contact with sharp or abrasive objects.

How durable is an acrylic table?

Acrylic is an extremely durable material. And also, It is ten times stronger than glass and shatterproof, acrylic breaks into larger, easily disposed of pieces instead of breaking into many small, sharp pieces. Acrylic is also incredibly hygienic, wipeable and safe for children.

Do acrylic chairs turn yellow?

Acrylic furniture is derived from natural gas, is completely inert in its solid form, and will not yellow in the sun.

Is glass or acrylic better for a coffee table?

Acrylic is more durable than glass and will not break under high stress. Although acrylic is more durable, it can scratch faster than a glass table top. Tempered glass tends to be more durable and scratch resistant than glass table tops. But you can still scratch this type of glass table.


If you wonder why everyone is so obsessed with this look, we have a word for you: versatility. The acrylic material can be a dynamic living room staple that fits almost any type of home. Plus, these tables can go from ultra-minimalist boho to eclectic in a second, depending on how you style them. It should also mention that acrylic is a durable material that is largely scratch and chip-resistant.

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