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If you are fond of writing quality and interesting articles, you’re at the right place. Fashionglee loves to hear from you if you are an excellent writer who is well-informed about topics like Fashion, Lifestyle, Health, Home, Accessories, Gardening, etc. We welcome you to write valuable and innovative topics for

Go through the Guidelines carefully before you write for us. You can email us at once you go through the guidelines. Make your articles user-friendly. When an article is reader-friendly, it becomes much easier to read because your message will be easily conveyed to them. Design your articles to contain a title, subtitles and essential terms in bold.

Pictures and videos can also make your article attractive to readers. You can also use a backlink to your business or blog with one do-follow link.

How do you submit your guest posts?

Email to write for us.

What is a Fashion Style Guide?

A Fashion Style guide is a document that provides guidelines, rules, and best practices for your brand’s visual identity and language styles. Everyone’s dress style is different according to their taste, so we have created a fashion style guide for you.

How would you Describe your Style in the Fashion Style Guide?

Here are the top 5 fashion style guides to choose from based on your taste and style.

Street Style

It’s an all-encompassing style that evolved from the streets. It comes from the Californian culture of surfing and skateboarding.

Ethnic Style

It refers to clothing adopted in whole or part from the traditional costumes of different nations.

Formal Office Wear

Formal attire includes a tuxedo or dark formal suit and matching tie for men and appropriate dresses, skirts, shirts and trousers for women. You may not be able to escape these types of outfits if you want to shine in your office.

Casual Wear

It’s about to seal the stiff upper lip of formal wear, but it’s still good enough for meetings and office functions.


Previously, only sportspeople were seen in Sports clothes, but today with celebrities embracing the trend, everyone is seen in their best workout clothes, even without a 5-minute workout.

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