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What are the Best Running Shoes, Sports Shoes for Men

sports shoes for men

Best Running Sports Shoes For Men

Sports shoes for men- A twenty-minute jog is believed to be the best way to start your day. Not only does it help maintain a healthy body and improve the cardiovascular system, but it also improves the functionality of your brain, sleep patterns, and mood. To make the most of your run, invest in a good pair of running shoes that ensure support and comfort.

But before buying running shoes, examine the kind of surface you run on. Is it a road or trail surface? Do you require jogging shoes or shoes made for more intense runs? What kinds of shoes are ideal for your running style and foot type?

We at Decathlon design a massive range of running shoes that cover shoes for beginner, intermediate and experienced level of runners and special marathon shoes for those who like to run the distance.

Jogging Shoes:

You were walking and running top the list for easy-access workouts. You’ll burn calories and improve your heart rate — without the need for any complex equipment, expensive gym memberships, or any sort of “30-day” plan. All you need is a pair of shoes and your determination!

We design lightweight jogging shoes that provide flexibility, comfort, and grip. The soft foam sole offers shock absorption while running, and the X-shaped strap system provides outstanding instep support and hold. Buy the best jogging shoes online!

Road Running Shoes (Marathon Shoes):

Not wearing the right pair of shoes while running may result in injury and decreased speed. For example, a study found that when shoe weight is increased by 3.5 oz., a runner’s rate reduces by 1%. That might look like a small number, but this 1% slow down costs you a lot of time lost when running a marathon.

We design lightweight running shoes for runners like you who believe in winning. The wide sole and reinforcement in the heels provide stability, the texture and geometry of the soles provide extra grip on wet terrain, and the energy response of the Kalen sole foam improves acceleration. So head to your nearest Decathlon store or buy the best running shoes online from our website!

Trail Running Shoes:

When you are running on a rocky, muddy, or uneven surface, there are high chances of falling down and getting injured. Hence, it is advisable to wear trail running shoes as they offer more traction and stability, which you need while running on rugged terrain or nature trails.

This is why we design trail running shoes that are versatile enough for various road conditions. The sturdy design will help keep your ankles stable, your feet protected, and your body safe from injury. In addition, our shoes offer flexibility, breathability, comfort, and a solid grip.

Athletics Shoes (Spikes and kids shoes):

The most common athletics competitions are track and field, road running, cross country running, and race walking. And it’s well known that shoe traction influences the athlete’s performance, especially in sports that involve sprinting or cutting. In simple terms, more traction leads to better results.

This is why we design athletic shoes with spikes for kids and adults. In addition, athletics shoes are best used on cross-country terrain, whether dry or wet, due to their grip and support.

Our lightweight shoes come with an easy fastening, ideal for children starting athletics at school or in a club for running, jumping and throwing. They are ideal for your initial competitions on the athletics track (running, jumping) or cross-country trail due to their grip and versatility.

Run happily, comfortably, and confidently with the right pair of running shoes. Come, and visit your nearest Decathlon store! We have running shoes for men and running shoes for women and kids. Explore a wide range of running shoes online on our website and buy the one that fulfils all your requirements. Go casual with men’s shoes

Time to update your trusted favorites? Everyday trainers with leather, synthetic or canvas uppers come in various shapes and colors. Look out for two features, particularly in vogue this season: khaki green hues and wide-set laces. For the super active, opt for a high-soled sporty style with pull-on finger loops at the heel; they offer a complimentary finish to tracksuits or slim-leg jeans.

opt for pieces by sportswear brands adorned in distinctive logos to contrast with tailored clothes to tap into the streetwear trend. Stretchy uppers and ankle tubes are where fashion meets invention, but don’t forget casual leather shoes for men, such as desert and lace-up boots. Instead, go for a rough, brushed suede with a checked shirt and denim jacket for a rustic look.

Ever So Smart With Men’s Shoes

Whether dressing for an important interview or an important date (sometimes it’s hard to tell between the two), a pair of smart shoes for men could make all the difference. Patent leather is a safe bet with its traditional buffed finish, or go for a quirky snakeskin effect. Think about whether you want the toe regular and round, slightly pointed or super sharp.

Brogues are classic in black or brown, with the latter hue working particularly well with a grey or navy suit. A lace-up men’s shoe is a timeless style, while we reckon slip-ons give you an extra minute to lie in (so worth it). Finally, look out for exaggerated tracking at the soles, contrast stitching and a wide footprint, all catwalk-inspired favorites this season.


Sports shoes for men are soft, light and comfortable shoes suitable for sports or other physical exercises, while canvas shoes are lightweight with a canvas upper and a rubber sole. In addition, sports shoes are more common, suitable for intense physical activities, and used as winterwear. At the same time, canvas shoes are not ideal for some activities like running and aerobics and are not winterwear. Thus, this is the main difference between canvas shoes and sports shoes.

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