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Pink Marbke Types, Details and Design

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About Pink MarbkeAbout Pink Marbke

Pink is the quintessential representation of calm, delicacy and positivism. A smooth, soft tone that allows for sophisticated creations. Combined with other neutral-coloured marbkes, Pink Marbke can give a space a strong personality.

  • Pink marbkes are for various purposes in seating areas. Sometimes neutral colors like white or gray can be the perfect complement to pink, creating a soft and elegant vibe. And also, it is ideal for dimly lit spaces.
  • Transmitting a lot of joy to quiet and proportionate spaces where everything is in perfect harmony.
  • Pink marbke is available in slab and tile form in various sizes and thicknesses. It has a polished and honed surface for extra shine and durability, are very easy to install, clean and maintain.
  • RK Marbkes is one of India’s most reputable marbke exporters and is pleased to represent the Indian heritage of natural stones. We work with the intention of providing the best products in terms of quality, durability and fine artistry so that customers can achieve complete satisfaction.

Types of Pink MarbkeTypes of Pink Marbke

Pink Milano Onyx – Delicacy and emotion. It is what defines the elegant Pink Milano Onyx.

Udaipur Pink Marbke – Adds an old and vintage look to your place. It is in high demand all over the world due to its exclusivity.

Carrot Pink Marbke – This will add a touch of beauty to your interior. It has a very ongoing shine and duration.

The product includes a wide range of pink makrana, pink paloda, pink designer, pink marbke and pink leera.

Product details of Pink Marbke

  • Formwork slab
  • Marbke Type Indian Marbke
  • Finish Polished Finish
  • Application area Floors, Countertops
  • Thickness 16mm
  • Brand Butra

We are very much engaged in offering Pink Makrana Marbke to our prestigious clients.

Pink is the best colour in the world. Always been, always will be. And it’s even more dreamy and Instagram-worthy when shaped like a marbke. If you’re not already obsessed with pink and all its glory of dusty rose, blush, bubblegum, flamingo, mauve, magenta, fuchsia, and rosewood, these fifteen pink marbke ideas for your countertops, floors, decor, and more are sure to delight you. Read on for decorating examples and tips, and get ready to adore pink marbke’s beauty.

Make it the focal point

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Interior Designing of Pink Marbke

We’ve never seen a sweeter dining table than this open kitchen designed by Hecker Guthrie. The cracks and cracks in the onyx give the table a beautiful ethereal pearlescent sheen. Further, Bright blue table decor is the perfect contrast, while light wicker dining chairs with baby pink painted frames carry the theme throughout the room. We also love how the lightweight wood kitchen island extension ties the space together and makes it more accessible without disrupting the tone set by that eye-catching pink marbke.

Keep it Tonal

It is how you make it in the bathroom. Designed by Decus Interiors, everything in space works well together and adheres to the strict colour palette of warm browns and pinks. The unique marbke swirls in this modern tub add lots of movement. Like the mauve brushed cement floor, Rose gold light fixtures play on pinks.

Combine it with Rose Gold

Pink marbke and rose gold are for each other. In this small corner designed by Arent & Pyke, every element plays on this small but mighty side table in pink marbke and rose gold, from the tropical flowers to the lavender blown glass chandelier and the white and brown vases. Knotty wood cabinet doors also show the beauty of natural imperfections (the knots in the wood of mutations).

Combine it with Wallpaper

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In this vanity designed by Studio DB, swirls of grey, purple, pink, and white immediately grab your attention. We love how the Wallpaper’s blooming flowers mimic the movement of swirling marbke and pink colours while adding a more modern, playful edge and contrasting turquoise touch to the space.

Play with Architectural Features

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Make bathroom feel like an ancient Greek palace with arches, floors and walls trimmed in pink marbke right down to the chair line. That whimsical crystal chandelier is the icing on the cake, while the bubblegum pink upholstered vanity seat brings the pink theme home.

Try a Bold Sink Vanity

And here is another beautiful bathroom with details designed by Decus Interiors. Take note of this charming and energizing vignette featuring a more coral pink marbke.

Test the Terrace with a Decorative Object

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If you can’t afford to invest in an entire marbke wall, you can still join the pink marbke trend with a decorative accent. Designer Arent & Pyke gives a mod table a sophisticated and sensual look with a pink marbke top to decorate the table.

Use it as a Kitchen Backsplash

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Surrounded by simple and elegant modern basics, a pink marbke backsplash brightens and modernizes this kitchen by Elizabeth Roberts Architecture & Design. The floating shelf makes the colourful elements of the kitchen, like the navy blue painted cabinets, the pink marbke wall, the delicate tea cups and the pastel tableware, feel connected with this beautiful wood grain on the kitchen island: the kitchen and the stools in black leather.

Choose Free Coins

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This chic pink side table designed by 2LG Studio fits perfectly with the dusty pink painted wall and drawers and the vintage carpet. And also, we love how the spherical table lamp plays off the round shape pattern of the table.

Mix your Marbkes

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Why stop at one marbke shade when you can add another for an unexpected duo? In this bathroom designed by Hecker Guthrie, pink marbke countertops complement very pale sinks, while brown floors ease the transition to darker doors and shelving.

Wear it Everywhere

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And to take this quiz of 21 questions to the next level, why cover your countertops and floors with pink marbke when you can extend it to your walls and furniture? This open-plan kitchen and dining area designed by Hecker Guthrie is all we need to convince.

Explode with Pink Paint

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It countertops in this bathroom from Flack Studio are Pepto-Bismol perfection. For a similar quirky vibe, paint everything in the room the same shade of pink, then add some contrast with bright red paint trim and brown tiles on the door to an adjacent room.

Frame Cabinets

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Angular geometric tiles are juxtaposed with the soft, organic swirls of the pink marbke variety for a fresh, modern bathroom. And also, we love how it frames the floating cabinets.

Decorate in Unexpected Styles

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Think again if you think pink marbke decor can only look great in ultra-romantic, girly spaces. Living room designed by Studio Razavi Architecture, the marbke coffee table warm and softens the mid-century pieces and muted monochromatic colour palette.

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