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Petite Style Write For UsPetite Style Write For Us

If you are worried about your short height, here is the solution. Firstly, you should understand there is a possible solution to every problem. Regardless of your body type, you’re on the petite side if your height is less than 5´4″.

7 Tips to Make Yourself Appear Taller

  1. Go for a monochromatic look. Having the same color in your outfit creates a more extended line.
  2. Wear garments with vertical stripes; you look taller than your actual height. The eyes are made to believe your line is more prolonged.
  3. Wear smaller-scaled graphics or prints.
  4. The garments you choose should fit close to your body
  5. Fake your vertical line by opting for single-breasted, seamed coats or zip-front jackets.
  6. You can also wear a knee-length or long drape skirt that shows off 3-4 inches of legs. Do not wear full-length dresses.
  7. As a petite woman, you’re often advised to wear high heels to supplement your height. But be careful; extra-high heels or skyscraper shoes defeat the purpose. The perfect heel height if you are short that might be proportioned to your height are 2-3 inches.

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