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Marek Health, Who is Marek?, and Experience

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About Marek Health

Marek Health is a telehealth service. Connecting patients with expert-guided healthcare in a modern way. Marek Health is a telemedicine health coaching platform that partners with carefully selected experts who practice patient-centred care and provide high-quality, non-judgmental medical supervision.

We are loyal to helping men and women achieve their goals through optimal health. Our core competencies in hormone replacement therapy are in our training, experience, and knowledgeable staff who provide concierge-level care across the country. Our experienced team and providers use their clinical speciality’s latest research and practices.

Who is Marek Santé?

  • Marek is famous for Marek via Derek of More Plates More Dates, aka the Delt God(TM). Derek is a top-notch bioscientist through his YouTube channel and blog. And also, he’s a resource for us who don’t want to read scientific papers but want to get picked up and fucked.
  • Derek has created a few over the years, like Gorilla Mind, which makes supplements and recently partnered with Mike Stratton to create Marek Health.
  • Marek is a rapidly growing team with administrators, patient care coordinators, physicians and nurse practitioners.
  • Marek joined a team of PCCs, Physicians, Practitioners, and a Sales team comprised of industry veterans and fitness enthusiasts focused on hormone optimization. Even the admissions coordinators know more about hormonal health than my PCP.

What Does Marek Health Do?Marek Health

Hormone levels

Men often suffer from hypogonadism; I call them to describe men with low testosterone. Or they may be suffering from high estrogen levels. Marek Health can test and meet these needs through TRT – Testosterone Replacement Therapy.

It can include various options to increase natural test levels in the body, using products such as enclomiphene. Still, the drug used varied depending on what the clinic deemed best.

Marek’s health will also cover other issues. Both men and women can suffer from hypogonadism, the unfortunate situation where the thyroid gland does not produce enough T4. It will affect almost every mechanism in the body, as the thyroid has various flow loops in the body. Low thyroid function lead to weight gain, prolactin issues, and other health effects.

Marek Health can handle:


As humans age, some of us begin to lose hair. It may be due to hormonal levels, low functioning of the thyroid gland, drug use, or the genetics of the person in question. Marek Health can help people suffering from hair loss by administering 82D. 82D is topical dutasteride composed of minoxidil, tretinoin and fluocinolone. It is to help with hair loss under expert-guided medical care.

Sex Drive

Sildenafil provides identical erections and more successful sex. As both men get older, hormone levels will begin to decline and become less wanting of sex. It is a sign that your hormones may be out of range.


The body is fleeting, and sometimes we need an extra push. Instead of looking directly at drugs, research has shown that looking at something like peptides might help. Peptides are chains of amino acids that have certain effects on the body. It is a safer experience compared to using certain medications. Those interested can get help with joint pain, body aches, inflammation, muscle strength, and nerve pain.

Marek Health Care Processes and ProceduresMarek Health Care Processes

Every patient starts with the same process; it doesn’t matter who you pick up as you see a patient care coordinator and complete the admissions process and blood work.

Intake Session

Once on the Marek Health website, you were invited to complete a questionnaire and quiz, allowing Marek to guide you through your treatment process. Integration requires a deposit of $250 which will be used for your first consultation with your provider even if you have blood tests. They also need that you have a medical examination signed by your attending physician (or another medical provider).

Visit the Patient Care Coordinator (PCC)

Before seeing a doctor, a CCP will interview you via telephone about your current symptoms. Besides, the interview lasts about 30 minutes, and during this time, you will break down your symptoms and what an optimal life looks like for you. The CCP will likely order a blood test you download before seeing Dr.

Blood test

Once your Patient Care Coordinator (PCC) has taken your information, they will email you a list of the blood tests they need to provide you with the right care. I discovered that the blood test they wanted to see was significantly higher than what other doctors and providers required of me (more on that later).

Consult the doctor

After blood work, your PCC will schedule a visit with the doctor, who will prescribe a treatment plan for you. It is the most important step as it will dictate what you give your body for 3-6 months, depending on what you are trying to treat.

Start your treatment

After you call your provider, you’ll receive a follow-up email with your doctor’s recommended treatments. You can review this and decide what you want to continue. I followed a simpler diet that worked very well.

Once you’ve responded with your desired treatment plan, your PCC will arrange payment, shipping, and get your medication from an approved pharmacy (we asked Marek for details on how they choose compounding pharmacies).


Your treatment can last from 2 weeks to 6 months. Once your treatment plan is complete, you will have another call with your PCC. During this call, you will be asked questions about your progress and will have more blood tests to assess your progress.

Repeat from step 3

Once you have finished your first treatment cycle, you will find a demand for separate blood analysis. You will find the baseline of your corps; from there, your provider will decide on the next stages.

What is the Experience with Marek Health?

  • The cause I decided to write this review is that I was so impressed by Marek. It was undoubtedly due partly to the innovative deal I had with Marek. After over eight years of undiagnosed low T, I took a T-test and saw record results.
  • I am 29 years old. I do Crossfit, meditate, eat healthily, and sunbathe. I weigh 195 pounds and can lift 385 pounds. Does this look like low T territory?
  • Further, when I was 22, I had my first testosterone test and tested somewhere in the 380 range after having trouble maintaining erections during sex. I later found that it was probably due to excessive porn addiction, but that’s another story. I am thankful that I took the path of the T.
  • But unfortunately, I lived with levels in that range for the next seven years.
  • I have tried everything. I deadlifted, I ran, I took magnesium, I took vitamin D, I took ashwagandha. I took it all.
  • My body didn’t respond, as if something had broken. Well, I just wrote it as “normal” my T was supposed to be in the 300 range, and I was supposed to be ok with that. Or so my doctor, friends and GP told me.
  • I took naps every afternoon and couldn’t concentrate on work. I did a T-test, and it was 330. I was dropping from my low of 380 and high of 470 (last summer).
  • I was at my wit’s end; Every doctor I talked, told me to go on TRT and drop all other ideas.
  • Then I went to Marek.
  • After seeing three other doctors and getting the same bullshit answers, I decided to try a new avenue.
  • I registered and paid the $250 admission fee, completed the questionnaire and was with my PCC Matt.
  • Matt is the man; even though Matt was officially just an admissions coordinator, he knew A LOT about male hormones and had some assumptions about how I might feel and even recommended supplements (which I still take today).
  • After my encounter with the CCP, they gave me a list of blood tests that amazed me. When I went to Labcorp for a blood test, they filled eight vials with my precious blood.

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