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Healthy and Glowing Skin Best Six Ingredients to Retain You in Winters

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Healthy and Glowing Skin – Winter is almost here, & all those cozy warm mufflers are regularly coming out of the clothing & so do unwanted cracked lips & dry skin. As we all see, winter is a season of cold breezes, flaky waves & snowy nights which take away all the skin moisturizer, making it dull & tired. Thereby we all require extra skin care.

Natural Butter for Skin Care

During winters, we layered ourselves with a cloth to protect us from the cold. But also, our skin, too, needs an extra layer of nourishment. Using natural kinds of butter such as cocoa, almond, mango, and moringa as body lotion will provide that extra deep moisturization, leaving it super soft, supple & nourished.

Ayurveda skin enrichment body butter is complete with natural cocoa, mango & moringa butter and almond oil which profoundly nourishes the skin leaving it super soft, hydrated & supple in winter.

Calendula for Healthy and Glowing Skin Care:

Does your skin develop redness, breakouts more often or have super dry skin? If yes, you need to look for skincare products with the usual Calendula. Calendula, commonly recognized as marigold, is rich in carotenoids, a novel Phyto-constituents that work wonders for sensitive skin. In addition, Calendula, due to its rich antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory property, helps in preventing inflammation, reducing dark spots & enhancing the complexion.

Ayurveda charcoal face wash remains ground with activated charcoal & essential floral distillates, including Calendula, which not only draws impurities but also restores skin cell matrix leaving it clearer & brighter

Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera, the modest house plant, covers enormous Vitamin C, E, beta-carotene & other skin-beneficial enzymes, which not only profoundly nourish the skin but also work as a protective barrier in saving skin from environmental damage. Furthermore, the gel moisturizes the skin without making it greasy; hence is perfect for those with oily skin. Moreover, Aloe Vera gel used alone or mixed in various face packs is ideal for dry & dehydrated skin, a common concern during winters.

Ayouthveda’s ultra-hydrating face emulsion cream with natural aloe Vera and essential antioxidants from green tea, coconut water & sweet orange makes your skin moisturized, nourished & hydrated.

Chamomile for Healthy and Glowing Skin

Up pending now, chamomile is known for its excellent stress-managing assistance. But in authenticity, this magic portion can do wonders for your skin. Chamomile covers alpha-bisabolol, a compound known to diminish the development of wrinkles. It too soothes, irritates the skin, reduces under-eye puffiness, lessens complexion & improvements skin health. To obtain all the health benefits of this gorgeous flower during this winter season, one can consume it in tea or as a body wash.

Ayurveda chamomile body wash, nurtured with natural chamomile, aloe Vera & orange, will instantly refresh, soothe & moisturize skin, leaving your entire body with a subtle tropical breeze.


Turmeric is not a new ingredient to anyone; its endless skincare benefits remain known. But do you distinguish when is the best time of the year to drink turmeric wholeheartedly? Yes, it’s the winter season. Due to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric helps keep the skin clean, prevents winter breakout, and, most importantly, detoxifies it. Turmeric can remain used in DIY face masks or can remain added in the form of food or golden milk for complete health & skin benefit.

Ayurveda’s most well-known three-covered Indian clay soap is better than skin-nourishing clays like Multani mitti and khadiya mitti. Sloping with a very advanced herbaceous layer.

Turmeric & Indian madder will logically purify, nurtures & brighten skin in winter.

Jaggery for Skin Nourishment

Do you know, the elder’s favorite after a meal sweeter in winter. Jaggery is also a king element aimed at your skin. Jaggery, also known as “remedial sugar”, is a rich cause of glycolic acid that reduces wrinkles, eliminates line fine. Diminishes dark spots, and speeds up skin’s renewal process. To gain full benefit, consume jaggery daily as a daily tooth sweater or apply a DIY face mask.

Ayurveda charcoal detox castile soap is the best natural exfoliator & potent skin cleanser, made with an innovative combination of activated charcoal & healthy jaggery.


Don’t overlook to stay hydrous because water plays a significant portion in the appearance of your skin. Marine ensures your skin has enough moisture, which reduces the entrance of fine lines and wrinkles. It similarly helps with nutrient absorption, removal of toxins and blood circulation.

Also, it is essential to observe proper hygiene for food and water. For example, it’s not moving your look until you’ve splashed your hands. Your hands carry more microbes than you think, and the occasional touch can add up. Afterwards, after a long day out. Cleanse your face thoroughly to remove all environmental stressors such as irritants, allergens and microbes, dirt and sweat.