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Health Financing Write For UsHealth Financing Write For Us

Health is one of the main concerns of people. All countries are faced with the need for public health financing, either for the whole population or at least for vulnerable groups such as the elderly and the poor, as in the United States, where public funding accounts for nearly 50% of total health expenditure. Government funding is also needed for services that insurance schemes avoid or are ineffective in reaching, including community-oriented services and special-risk groups such as infants and women.

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What is Health Financing?

Health financing is an essential function of health systems that can enable progress toward universal health coverage by improving an adequate range of services and financial protection. Millions of citizens do not have access to services due to cost. Many others receive poor-quality services even if they pay out of pocket. Carefully designed and implemented health financing policies can help address these issues. For example, contractual and payment arrangements can promote coordination of care and better quality of care; The disbursement of sufficient and timely funds to providers can help ensure adequate staffing and medications to treat patients.

The WHO Approach to Health Financing

The WHO focuses on the following factors:

  • revenue collection (sources of funds including government budgets, mandatory or voluntary prepaid insurance schemes, direct user payments, and external aid)
  • pooling of funds (the accumulation of prepaid funds on behalf of part or all of the population)
  • purchase of services (the payment or allocation of resources to health service providers)

In addition, all countries have policies on the services to which the population is entitled, although the government does not explicitly state this; by extension, these non-covered services are generally paid for by patients.

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Why Write for Fashionglee – Health Financing Write For UsWhy Write for Fashionglee – Health Financing Write For Us

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