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Health Emessenger Campaigns, Health Ucsc

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Staying in touch with Student Health and Advising Services staff is now even easier! Health Emessenger is a secure and confidential way for Student Health Services to communicate with you about your non-emergency medical and mental health needs. You can use Health e-Messenger to:

About Health-e-Messenger

Contacting the Student Health and Counseling Services staff is easy! Health-e-Messaging is a service offering various online options to streamline and enhance your experience with your medical and behavioural health providers and other SHCS staff. So, It is a safe and confidential way to communicate about your non-emergency health care and mental health needs.

You can use Health-e-Messaging to:

  • Tracking your visit, contacting your provider
  • Schedule COVID-19 testing
  • Look for sexual health services like:
  • STI/HIV Screening
  • PrEP appointment (pre-exposure prophylaxis)
  • natality control
  • Cervical cancer screening (i.e., Pap smear)
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Complete your medical history form online
  • Complete pre-appointment visit questionnaires
  • View or cancel your scheduled appointments
  • Get your lab results
  • View and print your immunizations
  • Learn about Hepatitis B medical admission requirements and treatments
  • Ask a question about your insurance reference
  • Request a release of medical records to an outside provider
  • View and print account statements

The Health-e-Messaging service allows you to communicate with our practice at the most convenient time. You can contact us from anywhere by logging into our site and using your UC Davis ID and Kerberos passphrase. You’ll save time by avoiding non-urgent office visits and be able to manage your care more efficiently.

Health Emessenger – Privacy and Confidentiality

Anyone with your HeM login and password can view more detailed information, such as appointment dates, lab results, and message history with your providers. Besides, they can also access their medical provider’s notes for private visits. Visit our Navigating Privacy and Confidentiality in Health Care page for more information on how to protect your health information.

  • You deserve to be with dignity and respect. Check out our tutorial on updating your name and pronouns in your Health-e-Messaging profile.
  • Besides, make appointments for medical care, COVID-19 testing, nutrition, optometry and some vaccination clinics.
  • Receive secure communications from your provider
  • Request a prescription refill
  • Complete your medical history form online
  • Complete your vaccination medical history
  • View your vaccination history
  • Complete the pre-appointment visit questionnaires
  • Get your lab results
  • View and print account statements
  • See Counseling and Medical Referrals

Ask health-related questions about COVID-19: Log in to Health e-Messenger, select Messages > New message > Questions about COVID-19

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eClinical Messenger Campaigns

eClinical Messenger enables healthcare professionals to take advantage of a suite of patient-centric health and wellness campaigns that will drive the reach of important health reminders.

Admin Campaigns – Reach out to patients for everything from a missed appointment reminder to greeting on their birthday

Appointment Reminders – Remind patients of upcoming doctor visits and get confirmation status right in the resource calendar.

Clinical Order Campaigns – Give patients the ability to check lab results, imaging tests, prescription notifications and more

Personalized campaigns: reach patients based on their practice criteria

Disease management and quality measures: Communicate with patients regarding recalls and overdue tests for specific high-risk conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension.

Post Visit Surveys – Participate and get patient feedback after an encounter

Wellness and prevention: Reach out to patients overdue for important tests or vaccinations related to prevention and health, from breast cancer screening to flu season reminders.

eMessenger of Health Ucsc

The UCSC health messenger gives you a simple yet powerful tool to help you determine your health goals and track your progress toward your goals. And also, You’ll receive a $25 Amazon gift card with your first month of membership.

The two-week time tracking system with Health e Messenger ucsc helps you track your progress towards a goal, including the date in your health email, weight, time on the net, sleep habits, mood and health score. It also helps you keep track of old and new traditions, like which videos seem to be the most effective and which seem to be the easiest to watch.

Great, but we need to know the details of the new e-messenger. Health e messenger UCSC is a mobile application that you download to your phone. Therefore, It tracks your sleep, exercise, weight, mood, and physical and mental health. It tracks your progress toward goals and helps you track new and old habits, like which videos seem to be the most effective and which seem to be the easiest to watch.

So far, the app seems pretty solid, but we’re expecting many more features to make it more useful. Health e Messenger UCSC also works with your phone’s accelerometer, which we’ll look at next, and has a decent feature set. It’s not a bad app, and we can’t wait to see how it evolves into a full-fledged health app.

Final Verdict

It’s good that we can use our phones to help us stay healthy. And we need to keep that in mind as we strive to turn a healthy lifestyle into a beneficial app. So, the app is currently available only for Android, but we hope it will come to iOS soon.

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