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Go Fashion IPO GMP Stock Listing and FAQs

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Go Fashion IPO GMP is today at ₹500, which means the gray market expects to Go Fashion’s share price to trade around ₹1,190 (₹690 + ₹500), according to market watchers. Photo: Courtesy of Go Colors website

Go Fashion IPO GMP Stock Listing

What is GMP?

Market watchers added that Go Fashion IPO GMP today is ₹500, which means the gray market expects to Go Fashion’s share price to be around ₹1,190 (690 ₹+₹500), more than 70% of its price range, from ₹655 to ₹690 per capital share.

However, stock market experts have said that the gray market is not an ideal indicator for gauging a public issue. They said the company’s finances gave it a perfect image and advised the lucky candidates for Go Fashion’s IPO not to conclude this increase in Go Fashion IPO GMP.

Waiting for Better Go Fashion’s IPO earnings, Ravi Singh, Director of Research and Vice President of ShareIndia, said, “In the present market scenario, most IPOs are to perform well. We expect Go Fashion’s IPO to receive a good response upon listing. help Go Fashion in the longer term, but we advise investors to reserve the premium at the time of listing.”

About Go Fashion IPO GMPAbout Go Fashion IPO GMP

Go Fashion IPO GMP today is ₹500, ₹20 higher than last night’s gray market premium of ₹480, according to market watchers

After announcing Go Fashion’s IPO award status, all eyes are now on the IPO date, which is likely to be November 30, 2021. However, before the IPO date Go Fashion stock exchange, the gray market gives a strong signal regarding the IPO. According to market watchers, Go Fashion’s gray market share price rose despite Friday’s strong selloff in the Indian stock market and gain from the public issue worth ₹1,013.61 crores.

According to market watchers, Go Fashion IPO GMP (grey market premium) today is Rs 500, which is Rs 20 more than yesterday evening’s gray market premium of Rs 480. They added that yesterday morning, Go Fashion IPO GMP was at ₹540 and then fell to ₹480 in the evening. But, in the morning today, there was some recovery in Go Fahion’s share price in the gray market. Market watchers said that this increase in Go Fashion’s GMP IPO is a good sign as the growth came after a bloodbath in Dalal Street.

The three-day initial public offering (IPO) of Go Fashion (India) Limited, which owns womenswear brand Go Colors, received a whopping 135.46 times subscription on the last day of subscription ending November 22 for 1,09,44,34,026 shares against 80,79,491 shares offered.

Go Fashion (India) Ltd had raised just over Rs 456 crore from anchor investors before its initial share sale. The initial sale of shares included a new issue of up to Rs 125 crore and an offer to sell up to 12,878,389 shares. The offer price range was ₹655-690 per share. The share intended for non-institutional investors was subscribed 262.08 times, Qualified Institutional Buyers (QIB) 100.73 times and Retail Retail Investors (RII) 49.70 times.

Go Fashion IPO GMP Stock Listing

Proceeds from the new issue will fund the launch of 120 new branded outlets to support working capital and general business needs. JM Financial, DAM Capital Advisors and ICICI Securities were the offering managers.

Go Fashion is engaged in developing, designing, supplying, marketing and retailing a range of women’s underwear under the “Go Colors” brand. Its 459 EBOs (Exclusive Brand Outlets) are spread across 23 states and union territories in India as of September 30, 2021. Proceeds from the new issue will be useful to fund the rollout of 120 new exclusive brand outlets to support working capital supplies and general corporate purpos21.

Frequently Asked Questions on Go Fashion IPO GMP

What is Go Fashion IPO GMP today?

Go Fashion IPO GMP gray market premium, also known as ₹450.

What are the Go Fashion Kostak IPO rates today?

Go Fashion’s IPO cost rate is ₹-.

What is Go Fashion IPO submitted to Sauda Prize today?

Go Fashion’s initial public offering, subject to a saudi fee, is ₹9,000.

Returns expected from Go Fashion IPO?

Go Fashion’s expected return is 60%.

Go Fashion IPO GMP Date and Price Band

 IPO Open:  November 17 2021
 IPO Close:  November 22 2021
 IPO Size:  Approx ₹1014 Crores
 Fresh Issue:  Approx ₹125 Crores
 Offer for Sale:  Approx 12,878,389 Equity Shares
 Face Value:  ₹10 Per Equity Share
 Price Band:  ₹655 to ₹690 Per Equity Share
 Listing on:  BSE & NSE
 Retail Quota:  10%
 QIB Quota:  75%
 NII Quota:  15%
 Discount:  N/A

Go Fashion IPO GMP Market LotGo Fashion IPO GMP Market Lot

The minimum lot for the Go Fashion IPO market is 21 shares with a request amount of ₹14,490. Retail investors can request up to 13 lots and 273 shares with a request amount of ₹188,370.

Minimum Lot Size:  Minimum 21 Shares for one lot
 [Minimum Amount]:  ₹14,490 for one lot
 Maximum Lot Size:  Maximum 273 Shares for 13 lot
 [Maximum Amount]:  ₹188,370 for 13 lot

Go Fashion IPO GMP Date, time, attribution and price

Go Fashion’s IPO date is November 17, 2021, and its IPO closing date is November 22, 2021. The award date is November 25, 2021, and the IPO closing date is November 25, 2021. can quote on November 30, 2021.

 Price Band Announcement:  November 12 2021
 Anchor Investors Allotment:  November 16 2021
 IPO Open Date:  November 17 2021
 IPO Close Date:  November 22 2021
 Basis of Allotment:  November 25 2021
 Refunds:  November 26 2021
 Credit to Demat Account:  November 29 2021
 IPO Listing Date:  November 30 2021

Go Fashion IPO GMP Live Rates day by day with Kotak rates

Date GMP Kostak Subject to
30-Nov ₹450 [₹]- ₹9000
29-Nov ₹520 [₹]- ₹9000
28-Nov ₹500 ₹250 ₹7500
27-Nov ₹480 ₹250 ₹7500
26-Nov ₹500 ₹250 ₹7500
25-Nov ₹450 ₹250 ₹7500
24-Nov ₹400 ₹250 ₹6500
23-Nov ₹350 ₹250 ₹6000
22-Nov ₹460 ₹260 ₹7000
21-Nov ₹500 ₹250 ₹8000
20-Nov ₹500 ₹250 ₹8000
19-Nov ₹500 ₹250 ₹8000
18-Nov ₹600 ₹250 ₹8000
17-Nov ₹555 ₹250 ₹6000
16-Nov ₹350 ₹250 ₹6000
15-Nov ₹350 ₹300 ₹5500
11-Nov ₹300 [₹]- [₹]-
10-Nov [₹]- [₹]- [₹]-
9-Nov [₹]- [₹]- [₹]-
8-Nov [₹]- [₹]- [₹]-

Go Fashion IPO GMP Daily Trend

Date Go Fashion IPO GMP Kostak Subject to Sauda
29-Nov-21 INR450 (Few trades)
27-Nov-21 INR430 (Few trades)
26-Nov-21 INR400 (Few trades)
25-Nov-21 INR425 INR250 INR5,700
24-Nov-21 INR400 INR250 INR5,500
23-Nov-21 INR350 INR200 INR4,500
22-Nov-21 INR400 INR230 INR5,000
20-Nov-21 INR450 INR250 INR5,500
19-Nov-21 INR480 INR300 INR6,000
18-Nov-21 INR550 INR350 INR7,000
17-Nov-21 INR400 INR300 INR5,000
16-Nov-21 INR250 INR250 INR2,600
15-Nov-21 INR300 INR250 INR2,000


Go Fashion IPO GMP today

Shares of Go Fashion were fetching a gray market premium of Rs 500 on Tuesday. It is an increase of almost 70% from the upper price range of 690 rupees per share set by the company. The shares would trade at around Rs 1,190 in the gray market. The high GMP indicated a strong listing of Go Fashion shares on the National Stock Exchange (NSE) and the Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) later this month.

Go Fashion India GMP IPO is running steadily in line with the current situation. Go Fashion India will post its IPO on November 17, 2021. The issuance closes on November 22, 2021 and currently has an active gray market.

In IPOs, the GMP or Gray Market Premium is the premium amount at which the IPO shares trade before being listed on the exchange.

However, the QIB and HNI figures are the key GMP indicators in the Go Fashion India IPO case. The company intends to collect Rs 10,136.1 crore for each issue published.

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Issue Go Fashion IPO Targets

Rs 33.70 crore raised for the show will fund the launch of 120 exclusive new Go Fashion brand outlets. The company said it would also be useful for working capital requirements (Rs 61.45 crore) and general corporate purposes.

The main book administrators dealing with the issue are JM Financial Limited, DAM Capital Advisors Limited and ICICI Securities Limited.

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