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How important is fashion in our lives? If you want to know the importance of your voice, be silent. In the same way, to know the value of fashion poet, do not be afraid to be powerful. Your talent is your weapon. Even if you wear a dress once in your life, it should be worth it. Modern poets show their mode of expression through fashion.

How did Fashion Poet Start?Fashion Poet Start

In January, Amanda Gorman’s poetry performance on a global stage at the swearing-in ceremony for US President Joe Biden captivated audiences from every continent and country as they read “The Hill We Climb”.

Her words have resonated with people, industries and generations, and her style has been featured in Fashion Poet news worldwide. Lyst reported a 1,328% increase in searches for yellow coats after wearing Gorman’s version of Prada, and his crown-shaped headband sold out almost as soon as his video went viral on Instagram.

Shortly after, IMG, Gigi and Bella Hadid’s talent agency hired the blacksmith to represent their future brand partnerships. This series of events raises the question: when did poetry become fashion’s new companion?

Fashion and PoetryFashion and Poetry

Vogue examines the rich and creative association between poetry and fashion. The adjective “poetic” crops up all over fashion show coverage, applied to anything with some sensibility or technical mastery. Though appropriate, it often loses all clarity of particular meaning, being easily replaced by its ‘lyrical’ and ‘romantic’ linguistic companions, and applicable to everything from diaphanous dresses and pastels to vaguely studious silhouettes and flashy shirts that don’t match. They would look good out of place under Fashion Poet in Lord Byron or Percy Bysshe Shelley.

More specifically, the relationship between poetry and fashion has proven to be rich, especially recently, with several collections explicitly framed and shaped by ancient and contemporary poets’ words, work and lives. For his Valentino AW19 offering, Pierpaolo Piccioli collaborated with four contemporary poets (Yrsa Daley-Ward, Mustafa the Poet, Greta Bellamacina and Robert Montgomery), inviting them to contribute words to a series of garments, as well as a volume of accompaniment titled Valentino On Love.

An increasingly abundant status of poetry has accompanied this upward trend. Figures recently released by Nielsen BookScan reveal a 12% increase in poetry sales in the UK, mainly driven by young women. The news is just as good elsewhere. Last year, a report by the NPD Group showed a 21% compound annual growth rate in Fashion Poet book sales. Over the past few years in the United States, the future of verse has looked bright, with the internet providing new platforms and exposure for many voices and publishers defending the sector.

Poetry in Men’s Fashion

This cheerfulness was perhaps most strongly felt during the AW19 menswear collections in the fashion world. Poetry was everywhere: In J.M. Weston, Olivier Saillard appeared dressed as a Parisian waiter to describe each shoe on display in verse, while Takahiromiyashita, The Soloist, added eye-catching Fashion Poet patches on leather jackets and jumpsuits.

Clothing and FashionClothing and Fashion

The language of clothing and fashion gave access to a different palette of colours and textures. It is a luxurious way to increase desires that I couldn’t fulfil.

Growing up in second-hand clothes and feeling hopelessly old-fashioned was eye-opening for me. When I started shopping at charity shops as a teenager, I gained agency through my appearance. In this way, dressing is like writing a poem: all those details for taking decisions.

Final Verdict

Fashion Poet deals with the complexities of our clothing choices. No matter, whether on a catwalk, in a gallery or on a stage, printed on the page or sewn into the fabric, the dialogue between poetry and fashion offers many glorious possibilities. Designers pay respect to works that have moved them, either literally or through inventive interpretation. Careful wardrobe decisions enhance performance. This creative cross-pollination advocates finding new ways to connect with other fields and industries. And also, such as fashion, art, film, technology, and music, to expand our reach and strengthen our presence in the world” culture scene”. It’s just a matter of appreciation and continually being receptive to what’s around us. “Other art forms enrich all art forms, “and fashion is no exception.”

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