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Boat Neck Kerala Saree Blouse Designs – Attractive Designs

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Are you one among those who are fond of Kerala sarees like me? Kerala saree has its signature with a gold and cream combination. Then, you need to choose the perfect blouse design for yourself. Here, you will learn about the boat neck blouse design that perfectly suits the Kerala saree. You can find trendy and modern Kerala Saree Blouse designs at Wedlockindia.

South Indian Malayali people located in Kerala mostly wear this Kasavu saree. It has a unique look with a white colour saree and sandal border. Combine this saree with boat neck blouse designs to look more elegant. Malayalis  and many other people wear this saree at the Onam festival; hence, it is called the Oname saree. Read along to get an embracing look with your glorious Kasavu saree.

Boat Neck Kerala Saree Blouse DesignsBoat Neck Kerala Saree Blouse Designs

Blouse is the central part of your saree. If you do not choose the fitting blouse for your saree, it does not give you a perfect look. Selecting an ideal blouse for your Kerala saree makes you look more beautiful.

Trendy Boat Neck Blouse gives a perfect fit with your Kerala saree. Beautiful Mango design on the neck or a plain boat neck with mirrors on it give you a celebrity look. People say Wow! when they look at you. If you are confused about which style to choose for your blouse, you will find the solution here.

Boat Neck Set Saree Blouse Designs

Kerala Saree with Red Boat Neck Blouse: One of the best-worn blouses for formal events and weddings is a boat neck red blouse with butterflies or flowers. Wear it with matching terracotta jewellery.

  • Design: Red Designer Blouse with Kerala Saree
  • Fabric: Raw Silk
  • Best Occasions To Wear: Traditional Events, Weddings
  • Preferred Body Shape: Broad-Shouldered Women

Simple Blouse Design for Kerala SareeSimple Blouse Design for Kerala Saree

A simple blouse design with full sleeves or elbow length keeps you away from the crowd. Wearing an off-white saree with the same matching full-sleeve blouse is a perfect match. You can make yourself colourful with makeup and opposite attractive coloured accessories. Simple peach coloured also diverts all the attention to you. You can choose a peach silk blouse if you wear this saree in the evenings. Kerala golden saree also gives you a pretty look with a green coloured printed blouse or with golden work on it. You combine the style with dark red lipstick and long jhumkas to look more beautiful.

Boat-Neck Blouse in Style

The traditional Kerala saree brings a historic look to Malayali people as it’s the signature of Kerala history. This saree is popularly worn at the Onam festival by Kerala people worldwide. Non-Keralites also wear this saree at the Onam festival. The young generation makes it colourful with mix-and-match accessories and the latest blouse designs. A boat neck blouse in style with red aari work or embroidery gives a bridal look.

Choosing the perfect blouse design for your Kerala saree is challenging. It is highly comfortable and suitable for any saree type, including cotton, silk, silk cotton, etc. Before deciding a blouse pattern you have to consider the saree type, body shape, occasion etc. In the Fashion market, the latest hot trend is boat neck blouse designs for Kerala cotton sarees.

Boat Neck Blouse Designs

  • Boat Neck Blouse Designs with printed look suit people with a bulk body perfectly. A proper blouse design with a perfect fit and draped saree give you a look of a model.
  • Boat neck blouse with stylish back button suits sarees with little embroidery work. The back button on one side of your blouse at the back gives you a stunning look.
  • Boat neck blouse with sleeves or without sleeves with different designs gives you a youthful and great look.
  • If your blouse has a transparent look on the sleeves or at the back, it makes you look attractive and fancy.
  • The Kalamkari boat neck design suits all kinds of Kerala sarees. You can wear your saree with single or multiple pleats as you choose.

Latest Boat Neck Designs

You can find several latest boat neck designs here. Many celebrities wear boat neck design blouses, either plain or printed, for an exclusive look. These boat neck designer wear blouses give an elegant look with a Kerala saree. Use your creativity by mixing and matching several colours to create a unique look. The latest look can be found in the following collections:

  • Printed Kalamkari
  • Ikkat Cotton
  • Pattu or Silk Cholis with Maggam Work
  • Delicate Floral Prints
  • Jute or Natural Linen
  • Bright Red or Green Raw Silk
  • Golden Lace
  • Multi-color Kutch Work

Boat Neck Blouse Designs Front and BackBoat Neck Blouse Designs Front and Back

You have learnt about several designs in the article. But you should also know about Boat Neck Blouse Designs Front and Back. And also find several methods at tailoringinhindi. Use your creativity and give a perfect front and back design for your blouse with a boat neck. Before selecting a design, make sure it suits your physique. Several techniques depend upon whether you are slim, healthy, short or tall.


You have checked in this article some of the best blouse designs with Kerala sarees for inspiration from this year. Although the trends and styles will likely change in the next season, the beauty of the Kerala Kasavu saree shall remain eternal. So, you can have one piece of this variety and try multiple looks with a simple change of blouse. Keep playing with your accessories and hairstyles as per your creativity to tease the crowd and prove that you are a true fashionista!

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