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Best Kind of Men’s Gold Necklaces Set

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Best Kind of Men’s Gold Necklaces Set – When it comes to choosing the best of the best men’s gold necklaces, every man has a different sense of style. There are numerous designs, lengths, and precious metals available, including sterling silver, solid gold chains, white gold or even platinum.

This guide covers some of the most popular and best gold necklaces for men to help you find the perfect chain.

Moissanite White Gold Chains

For those seeking brilliant shine, moissanite white gold chains are a top pick. Moissanite gemstones project a dazzling fire with rainbow sparks. And set in white gold, these chains make a strong style statement.

Moissanite nearly matches the durability of diamonds, ensuring exceptional wearability over time. Combined with white gold’s own strength, these are quality chains built to last.

With moissanite’s crystalline beauty and scratch resistance topping other gems, discerning men will appreciate these chains’ radiance and refinement. Let moissanite white gold make your look shine.

Curb and Link Chains

The curb chain, which comes in styles like Cuban chains, is undoubtedly one of the most popular men’s necklace designs. The flat, interconnecting, oval links are what define this style.

Curb chains are typically formed with heavier links in a masculine style. Since each link is literally soldered together, curb chains are one of the most durable gold chains for men that you can buy.

If you want an even thicker curb style, consider Miami Cuban link chains as an alternative. These have closer-set links in a distinctive style.

The classic gold link chain is also extremely durable, with each link independently joined. Link chains come in styles like anchor and mariner chains for unique looks.

For most pendants, we’d recommend a 2-4mm width curb or link chain. Go 5mm or wider if wearing the gold chain alone.

Figaro and Rope Chains

The figaro chain has an elegant appearance, with a 3-to-1 pattern of larger oval links joined by smaller oval or round links. The varied link sizes make a statement. Figaro chains are strong and timeless, making them perfect for pendants.

Rope chains have a twisted appearance, actually consisting of many small rounded links. Their unique texture blends well with pendants. Rope chains are also durable and classic men’s chain styles.

Start with a 2 or 2.5mm width rope or figaro chain, going up to 3-4mm for a bolder look. Be sure your pendant’s bail accommodates the chain’s width.

Box Chains

The simple squared links of box chains make them suitable for both men and women in the category of gold necklaces. You can wear this chain in the background without detracting from a statement pendant.

Go with at least a 1mm or 1.2mm gold box chain for substance. Many men choose bolder 1.5mm+ widths for durability and masculine style. The square solid shape means a 2.5mm box feels more substantial than a 2.5mm curb chain.

Chain Length and Metal Choice

When selecting a men’s gold chain, the most popular lengths are 20 to 24 inches, with longer 30” options as well. Consider the chain width when choosing length – longer chains look better in wider widths.

The metal you choose – yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, platinum, etc. – comes down to personal style. But gold’s warm, brilliant shine has made it the top choice for chains for thousands of years.

So whether you prefer the bold curb links, elegant rope twist, or classic box style, with this guide to the best men’s gold necklaces you can find the perfect chain to match your personal flair.

Wheat and Cable Chains

Wheat chains have a unique braided design that almost resembles a wheat shaft. The intricate links are eye-catching and creative. Wheat chains make great standalone necklaces or pair well with pendants.

Cable chains have oval or round links that line up uniformly to create a rope-like appearance down the length of the chain. Their smooth, elegant look works with many men’s pendants.

When it comes to wheat and cable chains, slimmer 2-3mm widths have an understated sophistication, while bolder 5mm+ make more of a statement.

Franco Chains

The franco chain has a pattern of small circular links connected by one or more lengthwise oval links in an alternating sequence. This gives franco chains an appealing texture and flow. Their shine and contrast make them a popular choice.

Start with a 2-3mm franco chain for pendant wear. 4mm+ stand better on their own if you want a solo necklace. Franco chains work with manymens jewelry pieces.

Anchor Chains

The anchor chain is a variation of the curb chain, but with a horizontal bar across the middle of its links. This bar gives anchor chains a bolder, standalone look compared to basic curb chains.

Anchor chains make a dramatic fashion statement and pair well with larger men’s pendants. When it comes to width, go with a substantial 3mm-5mm anchor chain for the best presence. This style commands attention, so make sure your outfit complements its bold impact.

Byzantine Chains

The Byzantine chain features an intricate, almost geometric link structure, with each oval link connecting to four others at right angles. The level of detail draws the eye while still retaining a classic elegance. These chains work well solo as pendants and showcase most mens jewelry effectively.

Since Byzantine chains draw notice on their own, slimmer 2-3mm widths have enough presence. Their intricate nature also means they’re better suited to gentler everyday wear than some other durable chain options.


With so many gold necklace choices for men, from moissanite white gold, classic curb and figaro to unique wheat and franco designs, you can find an ideal fit for your style.

Consider the width, length, and metal type along with the gold necklace personality. And look to quality retailers like IceCartel when shopping to ensure durable, brilliant shine gold necklaces built to last. The perfect gold chain is out there – go embrace your flair!