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All About Schiffert Health Center and FAQs

Schiffert Health Center

Schiffert Health Center information

The Schiffert Health Center is the Virginia Tech campus’s healthcare centre.

Our clinical staff of 13 physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants provide care for a wide range of medical conditions. Besides, with a travel clinic, women’s clinic, nutrition clinic, allergy and immunization clinic, and a radiology, laboratory, and pharmacy department, Schiffert Health Center can easily meet all of your health care needs.

And also, It provides VT students with a wide range of preventive and curative care through the Accrediting Association for Ambulatory Health Care, Inc.

So, we are a turnkey facility providing Virginia Tech students with nationally accredited quality healthcare on campus.

How to get to Schiffert Health Center by Bus?

About Schiffert Health Center

Schiffert Health Center is the on-campus health care facility of Virginia Tech. So, with a patient satisfaction rate of 96%, the health centre provides world-class healthcare to students.

Health and Wellness Services are to promote our student patients’ current and future well-being by providing accredited health care to promote healthy lifestyles. In addition, It offers designated clinics and services that are cost-effective and student-friendly to reduce the impact of illness and other health issues that interfere with student success at Virginia Tech.

And also, the student health fee, included in each year’s tuition, covers most services Schiffert Health Centre provides: unlimited visits and most lab procedures. However, some services require a minimum charge from the health centre. Besides, You are responsible for all costs incurred if you visit or are referred to an outside health care provider.

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Schiffert Health Center Location

The Schiffert Health Center is in McComas Hall at the intersection of Washington Street and West Campus Drive.

895 Washington Street, SW

Blacksburg, Virginia 24061

Frequently Asked Questions – Schiffert Health Center

What are the closest stations to Schiffert Health Center?

The closest stations are:

Life Sciences Building is 386 meters away, 5 min walk.

Which Bus lines stop near Center?

These Bus lines stop near Schiffert Health Center: SW, SWX, TTT.

How far is the bus stop from Schiffert Health Center in Blacksburg?

The nearest bus stop is 5 minutes away.

What is the nearest bus stop in Blacksburg?

The Life Sciences Building stop is closest in Blacksburg.

What time is the first bus in Blacksburg?

The SWX is the first bus in Blacksburg. It stops at 6:30.

What time is the last bus to Schiffert Health Center in Blacksburg?

The SWX is the last bus in Blacksburg. It stops nearby at 9:05 p.m.

Virginia Tech’s Schiffert Health Center continues to receive mixed reviews

Schiffert Health Center, Goyanko said, is committed to providing students with the best possible care.

“We are continuously improving the procedure. So, we review it every year and make sure it is up to date. And also, If we ever run into an issue where something doesn’t seem to be working properly, we’ll come back at that point and fix it as needed.

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Some More Questions on Schiffert Health Center

Where is Schiffert Health Center located, and what are its working hours?




How can I make an appointment?

Schiffert Health Center maintains an APPOINTMENT ONLY system. You make an appointment online or by phone (540-231-6444). Further,  If you have a medical emergency, do not make an appointment; call 911 for an emergency.

And If you need non-emergency medical care after hours, please call Nurse Advice at 540-231-6444. The nurse will refer you to personal care, community clinic resources, and the local hospital emergency room.

How do I cancel my appointment?

Due to the high demand and a limited number of appointments, you must keep your work; if you cannot attend, please cancel it before the meeting so another student can fill it.

When you do not cancel at least one hour before your appointment, a fee of $25.00 will be charged through student accounts at the university. This charge applies to missed appointments at all clinics.

Cancellations can be made by:

Be sure to include your name, student ID number, and the date and time of the appointment you wish to cancel.

How to pay for services?

The student’s health fee in each year’s tuition covers unlimited visits and most laboratory procedures. However, some services require a small fee from the health centre.

So, you are responsible for all costs incurred if you visit or are referred to an outside health care provider.

What is your privacy policy (HIPAA)?

Schiffert Health Center respects the privacy of its patients and the confidentiality of personal health information entrusted to us. To protect this confidentiality, policies and procedures are in place to limit the disclosure of personal information to only those responsible for the patient’s health care, those authorized by the patient.

Does it offer STI testing & treatment?

Besides, it offers sexually transmitted infection testing for STIs, including chlamydia, gonorrhoea, syphilis, genital HPV, HIV, genital herpes simplex, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C. Some of these tests may have a fee; others may not.

Will my parents know about my test?

No. Charges on student accounts will appear as “Medical Service Charges.” Parents and guardians may obtain authorization with the authorization form. So, Parents/guardians cannot receive specific information without your permission.

And also, Fees can be paid immediately by cash, check, or Hokie passport to avoid notices on student accounts.


The Chiffert Health Center does NOT provide students with medical excuses for missing school due to short-term illness or injury. And also, It is consistent with policies at other peer institutions and recommendations from the American College Health Association. So, In the event of sickness or damage that may interrupt your academic responsibilities, we encourage to contact your instructor(s) to inform them of the situation.

Further, If the severity or duration of your illness/injury warrants a written document, the doctor will direct you to the administrative assistant who will draft the letter.

And also, a professional can provide cadets with recommendations on activity or uniform limitations by noting these limitations on the tour documentation sheet.

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