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Why Fashion?

Adventures in Fashion : Fashion changes and shape lives through its connection with all of us. We all have to wear clothes, and each piece of clothing we buy represents a personal choice: this intrinsically human relationship between us and our Fashion makes it political.

Fashion helps you make a great first impression. So, the outfit you wear, the jewellery you choose, and the accessories can have a huge impact on another person. So if you want to blow someone’s breath, select these items wisely and follow the trend as much as possible.

Adventures in Fashion (AIF) is Vickie Laliotis’ style blog dedicated to all things Fashion and fun… follow her as she ventures into Fashion, one outfit at a time!

Adventures in FashionAdventures in Fashion

Have you ever wonder what you should look like so that people notice you? Are you wondering how to change your appearance in front of others? Like most women, you probably answered yes to both questions. Trendy nails, trendy clothes, and trendy shoes matter a lot. I used to fight over how to paint my nails and how they needed to look for others to notice me. And also, I would wear elegant clothes and fashionable shoes. I was trying to hide my natural skin colour.

Fortunately, there are so many ways to do it now that it doesn’t make me feel weird or embarrassed. So here are some fashion tips to look different from what’s trending! Read on to find out.

About Adventures in Fashion

Adventures in Fashion is the top travel and fashion source for smart, stylish women who love to see new places. From travel trends and the latest travel destination updates to fashion and beauty tips, you can trust to help plan the perfect getaway. They have what you need, whether it’s a vacation with your girlfriends, a week, a weekend, or a honeymoon. Adventure in Fashion brings your travel aspirations to life by offering affordable yet stylish Fashion at stunning luxury resorts.

Launched in 2009 as a blog of the same name, Adventure in Fashion became a travel and fashion site in 2013. Our editors have degrees in journalism and have been working in the online magazine industry for seven years. Moreover, they have also travelled to many interesting destinations around the world. One of them has even visited more than 50 countries.

Editors firmly believe that travelling offers many opportunities and experiences that cannot be had anywhere else. Therefore, Fashion and beauty should not be taken for granted.

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How to get the Best Flight Deals


When searching for flights on fixed days, it cannot be easy. Therefore, it will be better to choose a few days before or after your flight when searching. It can give you a better chance of closing a deal.

Flight Connections

The cheapest airfare will be a waste if you miss a flight. Although connecting flights will take longer, these flights are not always fully booked. Therefore, they are often cheaper. If you don’t mind waiting hours during layovers, this is suggested. However, you should avoid too tight flight schedules because you risk having a delayed or missed flight.

Fashion tips for Traveling


Many people make the mistake of over-packing when they go on vacation. In addition to not using all the things, it makes your luggage heavy and difficult to carry . To keep away from this, it will be a good idea to plan your route first and decide what clothes you want to wear.

Versatile Pieces

When you have a luggage, you need to be planned with the clothes you want to pack. Therefore, bringing rooms that overlap will save you a lot of space. For example, you can choose dresses that are easy to wear or accessorize for any occasion. You don’t need to bring much, as these pieces can be easily mixed and matched.


Among your accessories, Shoes take up a lot of space in luggage. It is, therefore, better to limit their contribution when travelling. Depending on the destination and duration, your good shoe choices might be a pair of flats, a slip-on, and heels. If you go to the beach, you can change the heels for espadrilles.

Tips to be More ElegantTips to be More Elegant

You may have promised yourself more style by adding more than your custom t-shirts to your wardrobe. Although you may read that it might have been difficult to achieve this goal before, this reading may be the perfect time for you.

We are all guilty of making poor decisions when buying clothes. It can mean being left with clothes you haven’t worn in a long time, or worse yet, never worn. It could also be buying clothes on a whim because they are on sale. Even if you have these wardrobe regrets, you can still do something about them.

Final Thoughts Adventures in Fashion: How to Style and Look Your Best on a Budget!

The word “fads” conjures up images of bored housewives and stingy meals on Fabulous Cheaper Wedgies. But the fashion industry is not a disaster; it’s fascinating and sometimes even lucrative there. To achieve success in business, You need to market your product or service to as many people as possible. And by “succeeding”, we don’t just mean earning a few hundred dollars or even thousands, but being able to take home money from time to time.

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