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3 Features of Béis Work Totes You Shouldn’t Have to Live Without

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Béis Work Totes: Big bags are in this year, which is great for anyone who wants to take a single bag to work without missing out on anything that’s needed for a day at the office. From water bottles to cosmetics cases and laptops, a good tote can handle just about anything you need to get through your day, and these three features are must-have options for any workday.

Laptop-Friendly Compartment

The appeal of work tote bags lies in being able to fit your core necessities in the tote, without needing an additional laptop case or briefcase. That means you need a compartment designed to protect and carry your computer. This feature makes it easy to head to meetings without being over encumbered, and it doubles as a good file carrying sleeve when you have paper documents to bring with you instead of your PC.

For those counting on a big tote to double as a go-anywhere bag for quick trips, this compartment is especially attractive because it makes traveling with your laptop or tablet a lot easier. No more checking to be sure nothing else in your bag is putting pressure on your laptop in funny ways when you want to skip a separate case.

Trolley-Pass Through for Traveling With Ease

Travel tote bags can work as weekender bags for many people, but weekend trips are only part of the picture. That’s why these tote designs have a built-in trolley sleeve. They sit easily on top of your regular luggage or mobile office case, secured by the trolley handle on the larger bag. That makes them ideal for carry-on luggage because they pair with practically any luggage on rollers that you decide to take.

A Pocket Just for Your Water Bottle

Having spacious storage is not as important as having the right storage, and a good tote design reflects that. It’s part of the reason laptop compartments are such a good idea, and why there are complementary cosmetics cases that work with many tote designs. Having a dedicated slot for your water bottle makes life easier in a variety of ways, at work or on the move.

  • Easy access throughout the day to keep you hydrated
  • Separates the bottle from other items and absorbs any condensation
  • Keeps your bottle upright as long as your bag remains that way

These might seem like little features, but anyone who has had a seal malfunction on a water bottle in a backpack knows why they’re so important. That image alone makes it easy to see why a dedicated laptop sleeve and separated water bottle carrier go so well together when picking out a work tote.

Find Your Boss Look

Square silhouettes, big sizes, and style choices that evoke briefcases and other business travel bags make it easy to set up a stunning but corporate look this season. If you are the type to dress for the job you want and not the one you have, it’s time to take a look at new work bags while there are a lot of options for totes in season.

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