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URI Health Services Values and Administration

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The mission of URI Health Services is to provide high-quality, patient-centred, accessible, cost-effective health care and valuable service to the community.

We help you understand your health care needs, make informed decisions about your treatment, and achieve optimal health. You expect us to treat you with respect and compassion as we help you navigate the complicated world of personal healthcare.

URI Health Services IntroductionURI Health Services Introduction

URI Health Services provides high-quality, comprehensive health care to University of Rhode Island students. As part of its mission for student well-being, URIHS believes maintaining a healthy school environment is essential to a student’s academic success. And also, to achieve this goal, we have established the following core values:

URI Health Services Values

Compassionate care: We strive to meet the needs of our patients with warmth and understanding.

Respect: We provide care in a way that recognizes the dignity and individuality of patients, their families and staff.

Collaboration: We believe that patient interactions, family members and staff should be open and honest.

At the service of our mission, we offer a full range of health care services to help students take responsibility for their well-being. We encourage students to develop positive health habits and seek immediate medical attention when ill or injured.

Located in the Potter Building at 6 Butterfield Road, Health Services provides outpatient primary care to eligible students. Physicians, nurse practitioners, and registered nurses see students by appointment (401.874.2246) and offer a variety of services including acute care and primary care, as well as gynecology, psychiatry, immunization/travel clinics, and allergy shots. Health services are available weekdays from 8 am to 5 pm. and from 10 am to 4 pm on weekends during the school year. Laboratory and pharmacy services are available weekdays during the school year, and X-ray services are open Monday through Friday.

Blantyre CC wanted to restore sanitary conditions in Bangwe Township in southern Malawi. Together, 50 young people removed the waste and cleaned up the contamination so that the population could live in a healthier environment.

Members of the CC URI Brasilia of Brazil offered health, hygiene, culture and citizenship services to the SalveaSi – Chemoaddicts Treatment Institution inmates on the National Day to Fight Religious Intolerance.

URI Health Services Overcapacity Amid Spike in Flu and COVID-19 Cases

SOUTH KINGSTOWN, RI (WPRI) – The University of Rhode Island (URI) sent a note to the campus community Thursday reminding students to take safety precautions like wearing masks amid the flu and COVID-19 outbreak.

URI Health Services says it has seen a significant increase in cases of influenza and influenza-like illness and 32 new cases of COVID-19 over the past week. The data shows that the URI had a positivity rate of 1.6% during this time.

“Our health services team has exceeded its capacity to respond to service requests the same day despite increased staffing,” the notice read.

The university went on to say that if the trend continues, additional restrictions may need to be put in place to reduce the transmission of the virus. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to vaccinate against the flu and COVID-19, wear masks, wash hands frequently, and limit close contact.

The URI has also asked teachers to be understanding during this time, asking them not to require grades for classes missed due to illness.

Free COVID-19 surveillance testing is available at Memorial Union on weekdays, and vaccinated students are encouraged to participate.

COVID-19 Surveillance Testing Schedules: URI said those planning to travel during the holidays should get tested 48 hours in advance.

Uri Health Administration

Uri has a unique health administration program dedicated to providing students. With the necessary knowledge and skills. To be successful in this fast-growing industry. A variety of courses and internships allow students to become well-rounded professionals.

Health services for students

Student Health ServicesStudent Health Services (SHS) is a state-of-the-art health care facility that brings health care closer to the health of University of Rhode Island students. URI Health Services is by nurse practitioners, physicians, physician assistants, registered nurses, and physician office assistants.

SHS’s medical director is Dr Robert Redfield. Dr Redfield has been practising medicine for over 20 years and working with Student Health Services for over ten years. He practised in both a private practice setting and an emergency department setting. Dr Redfield graduated from Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine in Erie, Pennsylvania. He also has a degree in Physiology and Neurobiology from URI. Dr Redfield sees patients on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 8:30 am, and 4:00 pm and on Sundays between 10:00 am and 3:00 pm.

Counseling Center

The Counseling Center offers various services to support student success through personal growth and emotional behaviour.

The health services have a team of nurse practitioners and nurses

Health Services has staff. A group of locker practitioners will lock them up. Our staff provides students with preventive and health promotion services, including screening, education and counselling, treatment for minor illnesses, injury management, and referral services.

Besides, Our mission is to promote the health and well-being of our students by bringing together quality primary health care services in a confidential and caring environment to support their academic success.

We provide comprehensive primary health care services such as physical exams, women’s health care, inpatient and injury assessment and treatment (including STI testing), wellness education, general health information, and referral to community resources. We also offer travel medication advice (including vaccinations) and are available for school holidays.

Get medical care

Getting medical care is much easier if you have health insurance. But it’s not the only way to get care; many people without insurance can still get the care they need.

Cubic services for insurance

What kind of services are they? Does your insurance cover them? If you’re not sure, call your insurance company or check the information you get from them each year. Some plans cover preventive care such as checkups. Some services are fully protected if you use certain providers or facilities (such as network providers or hospitals). You may need to pre-authorize for other services (“prior AUTH”) or certain specialists. Even transmitted infections (STIs) are there if you do not want another type of test or procedure.

Uri Health Services Make an Appointment

The University of Rhode Island offers several health services, including medical care and mental health counselling. So, make an appointment with Health Services if you are a URI student concerned about your physical or emotional well-being.

Uri Health Services make an appointment. We’re here to provide convenient, high-quality care if you get sick or injured. Therefore, our experienced medical providers can help you stay healthy with routine checkups and examinations.


URI Health Services is a URI School of Allied Health Professions teaching centre. Students are integral to the clinical care process and educational experience at URI Health Services. URI students, URI Health Services is open 24/7 during the academic year and on a limited basis during school holidays.

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