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Hearth – Description, Uses, Types, and More

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Hearth refers clearly to a surfaced fireplace floor covering a room. Lodgings are connected with the seat and family because historically, the pad was the primary source of heat in the home and where cooking is. As a result, family members often gathered around the hearth. The importance of the house has made it a symbol of the home, as in the phrase “home and hearth”.

What is a Fireplace Hearth Uses?

The hearth of a fireplace no longer use for cooking or sitting next to it to keep warm. Since the home of a fireplace has changed a lot over the years, you don’t have to rely on it the same way you used to.

However, the hearth remains an integral part of any home with an installed fireplace.

The Dwelling of a Fireplace Serves many Purposes, such as:

  • Protect the floor right in front of the fireplace
  • Keep children and pets away from fireplace fires.
  • Fastening and installation of necessary accessories for fireplaces
  • Complete the style and design of your home
  • Make sure your home complies with local fire codes.

Of course, there are other uses for the hearth in your home, but these are all essential functions of a place with a fireplace. When you envision your fireplace hearth. You’re probably expecting a large brick or stone structure surrounding the front of the fireplace. But the modern fireplace hearth comes in various types, heights and materials with seemingly endless combinations.

Types of Fireplace Hearths

Firebox types classify according to their height relative to the firebox or chimney. Essentially, the size of your home determines the type of home you have.

If you are considering building a fireplace and want to know what options you have.

Here are the Four main Types of fireplaces:

  1. Heartless is a hole in a wall fireplace, where there is no fireplace hearth but only a firebox built into the wall.
  2. Raised Firebox – The fireplace’s hearth is below the opening of the firebox and protrudes a few inches from the floor.
  3. Hearth Flush – The fireplace’s hearth is flush with or flush with the opening of the firebox and protrudes several inches or feet from the floor.
  4. Raised Firebox – The raised firebox sits above the firebox opening, appearing to be lower than it is. It can be several inches or feet high.

The type of home you choose for your home will have a decisive impact on other aspects of your home and vice versa. Other fireplaces have specific requirements for the kind of hearth for your home.

Requirements for the Hearth for Fireplaces

When choosing a fireplace for your home, it is essential to consider the type of fireplace you have installed. There are different requirements for prefabricated and stone fireboxes. Similarly, the rules apply to the size of your fireplace opening and the required clearance on the sides and front of your hearth.

Requirements for a Masonry Fireplace Insert

When adding a fireplace to a stone fireplace, you must leave clearance around the sides and in front of the fireplace opening. Chimney requirements for stone fireplaces dictate that you need more free fuel space in your fireplace. The larger your fireplace opening, the more area you will need. But you will always want to check local fire codes when building your fireplace chimney.

Requirements for a Prefabricated Fireplace

The rules for industrial fireplaces are less strict. Suppose you have a factory-built fireplace, fewer space needs between the fireplace and the fuel. It is mainly because the combustion chamber constructs with metal inserts and the extra protection level in prefabricated chimneys.

Nevertheless, of the type of fireplace installed in your home. You must follow local fireplace codes when designing and building your home. It’s your security and the security of your home.

From there, you can install the fireplace insert extensions as you wish. Wings move the fireplace further into the living space. Creating additional distance between the room and the fireplace. It is helpful for some reasons, primarily for your children and pets’ safety. And to create a more comfortable space for your family. There are specific rules for adding a house extension to your home. So always check your local building codes before starting.

Common Types of Materials Used to Build a Fireplace

In addition to the styles listed above, you will find that fireplaces are made from various materials to create a unique design and a different aesthetic for your home. If you are seeing installing or replacing a fireplace in your home.

Here are some of the common Types of Things used for Construction:


Granite fireplaces are becoming increasingly popular with homeowners. Also, Granite costs a little more than some materials and less than others, making it a middle-of-the-road option when it comes to affordability. And also, Granite is a safe and appropriate choice for your wood-burning fireplace and is available in various colours and patterns to match your home’s existing style and design.


There are many benefits to using slate tiles for your fireplace. You can choose from various colours such as green, red and multi coloured. Or opt for a sleek black slate for your fireplace hearth. Slate is best suited for your gas fireplace or electric fireplace due to its tendency to crack when exposed to high temperatures, such as those that come from a wood-burning fireplace.

Marble: Hearth

Marble is created from limestone and comes in various colours and styles. Choosing a marble fireplace is wise, especially if you are afraid of breaking a granite slab.


Soapstone is very heat resistant, making it a good choice for your wood-burning fireplace. Like other types of stone, soapstone can crack over time, especially with regular exposure to heat. Although a little more expensive than limestone or slate, and the colour options are somewhat limited. Soapstone is a valuable and safe material for the hearth of your fireplace.


Perhaps the most affordable option for a fireplace. Limestone is suitable for both gas and electric fireplaces. It would be best to consider building a limestone fireplace with a wood-burning fireplace because it cracks when exposed to high temperatures. Limestone fireplaces are only available in a few lighter shades, such as white and brown. But, their modern design appeals to many homeowners.


The benefits of using ceramic around your fireplace well document here. But ceramic is your best bet if you need to create a custom design for your fireplace. Due to its ability to endure extreme temperatures. Ceramic tile often use in constructing spaces such as fireplace floors and wood-burning fireplace doors.


A brick fireplace is a popular choice for homeowners. While brick doesn’t offer the same design and customization options as other fireplace materials. A brick fireplace works well with wood, gas, and electric fireplaces.


A concrete fireplace is a durable option for your fireplace. Concrete fire pits are a popular choice for do-it-yourself homeowners or those looking to tackle a home improvement project. One way to use concrete for fireplaces is to lay slabs on a brick base to personalize your fireplace. Concrete is an affordable option because you can quickly get the materials you need from your local home improvement store.

How does the Height of your Fireplace Affect Doors and other Accessories?

Consider your design’s influence on fireplace accessories, including doors, when building a fireplace hearth. The glass doors of your wood-burning fireplace play an essential role in the operation, function and safety of your fireplace. So it would help if you care how the height and position of your fireplace would affect your options.

Fireplace doors are usually located above the fireplace and directly in front of the fireplace opening. The different heights of the stone hearth determine the type of fireplace door adjustment you can install.

  • Interior doors for a fireplace
  • Overlapping fireplace doors

Popular Fireplace Decorations

Once your fireplace build and you have chosen the correct type of fireplace doors, you will want to add fireplace accessories that will complement the style and design of your home. You can also pair your fireplace with a new fireplace mantel to create a cohesive space that looks beautiful and protects your home.

You might be wondering what types of decorations you need for a particular style of fireplace hearth. It would be best to consider fire and fireplace safety and maintenance and cleaning and choose accessories accordingly.

Three Accessories you will need from the Get-Go:

  • Hearth carpet
  • Periodical holder
  • Bellows

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