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You Need to Know About This Fashion Cute Scrub Sets

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Fashion Cute Scrub SetsFashion cute scrub sets are synonymous with healthcare, but that wasn’t always the case. What did doctors, nurses, and other hospital staff wear before wearing fashion cute scrubs sets? Why did they all make the switch? How did scrubs get so popular? This blog post outlines the history of scrubs, why they’re worn, and who currently wears them.

Scrubs are easy to wash and keep clean, a must when working in a healthcare environment. They also prevent doctors and patients from getting infections because modern scrubs are antimicrobial materials.

Doctors started wearing fashion cute scrubs in the twentieth century. Before popularized scrubs, surgeons and doctors wore aprons over their street clothes to keep them clean. Until the 1940s, the need for clean and sanitary operation rooms made scrubs a better option than aprons. The earliest medical scrubs were gowns or drapes, and surgeons and surgical staff mainly wore them during operations.

The first scrubs were white, which was supposed to convey cleanliness and purity. However, the white fabric would strain the staff’s eyes under the bright lights of the operating rooms. Today, the blue, black, and other colored. scrubs you see weren’t popularized until the late 1960s or early 1970s.

Nurses didn’t start wearing scrubs until a bit later. Nurses wore traditional, all-white dresses, aprons and hats in the early 1900s. Although over time, hemlines became shorter, and the caps were eliminated in the early 70s, white dresses and skirts are not practical and difficult to clean in a medical environment. So, in the late 70s/early 80s, scrubs for nurses became commonplace.

Wearing Fashion Cute Scrub Sets In Public? Expert Says NoWearing Fashion Cute Scrub Sets In Public

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, navigating a grocery store comes with a dose of unease. That unease can be amplified when shoppers see health care workers wearing fashion cute scrubs sets.

Earlier this week, a Fox 35 story made national news after a shopper confronted Julian Roberts, a woman wearing scrubs, at a grocery store in Palm Beach, Fla. According to the video captured during the confrontation, the shopper didn’t think that Roberts should be wearing scrubs in the grocery store and potentially exposing everyone to the coronavirus. Roberts later told reporters that she works at an audiologist’s office and isn’t exposed to the virus at work.

When healthcare workers applauds and supports for their frontline efforts, the general public is still scared about the spread of coronavirus.

Specialist for Fashion Cute Scrub Sets

According to specialist  Doctors who served as an infection control officer in the U.S. Air Force in the 1990s, wearing scrubs in public is a valid concern. However, her problems involve what bacteria are on the scrubs and remain taken into hospitals, exposing those most at risk. According to Doctors, fashion cute scrubs have become popular over the years—with some wearing them for comfort—but many employers, including dental offices, require staff to wear scrubs.

“Health care workers should advised to not wear scrubs anywhere in public during this time. It would be more considerate of the public concern to change out of scrubs before going anywhere other than your workplace.

That would mean either only wearing the fashion cute scrubs sets to and from work and home or wearing other clothes and changing in and out of them at work,” Doctors said, “Right now, seeing scrubs in public could cause people to feel uneasy. It also sends the wrong message to the public about how careful the health care workers are to protect the public. Unfortunately, at times like this, perception is reality.”

Doctors adds that many hospitals do not enforce staff changing in and out of their scrubs at their shifts. But during this high-alert pandemic, she recommends this be the practice to prevent further panic.

Health care facilities differ in their policies regarding whether employees should be transporting medical clothing from the workplace and wearing it outside.

How Are Fashion Cute Scrub Sets Cared For?

Depending on the department, scrubs can wash via an industrial laundry or by the wearer. After each wear, scrubs should always clean at a temperature of at least 60º to ensure they’re sterile and following infection control guidelines.

Sometimes disposable scrubs are wear to lower the risk of contamination, like when fighting highly infectious diseases like Ebola.

Adding ½ cup of vinegar to your load will help soften the fabric. – Scrubs can disinfect by adding ½ cup of Pine-Sol and your regular detergent. – Drying your scrubs in a high heat setting will kill most of the germs left on your scrubs after washing. Medical scrubs processed in a specialized facility (and not in employee homes) prevent the spread of possibly contagious infections and viruses.

Scrubs must clean with as much precision and focused on hygiene as any other medical care linen. Clothing worn by healthcare providers can become contaminated with bacteria; however, having nurses wear scrubs with antimicrobial properties did not prevent this bacterial contamination from occurring, according to a study published online today in Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology, the journal of the Society

Why is it Call Scrubs?

They’re synonymous with medical facilities around the world. Scrubs get their name from when hospital staff sterilize themselves before surgery, called “scrubbing in”.

This uniform was initially known as “surgical greens” because of its color but came to calling “scrubs” because it was wear in a “scrubbed” environment.

Scrubs are easy to wash and keep clean, a must when working in a healthcare environment. They also prevent doctors and patients from getting infections because modern scrubs make with an antimicrobial material.


Gone are the days when the only fashion cute scrub sets you could get were blue, standard fit. Today there is a massive range of options for scrubs. That will suit your body type, personality, and unique working environment!

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