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The Essay That Made My English Teacher Cry

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The Essay That Made My English Teacher Cry

The essay that made my English teacher cry – We all know that writing holds power over the readers, inspiring and moving them. If you are in a sword fight, the pen will be helpful to you. However, it can equip you with the knowledge and wisdom to change the mind of your challenger.

Recently, a teen named Ryan Harman went viral on the internet. It was not a dance number or a funny video but a personal essay that moved her teacher to tears. Later, she posted the same letter on TikTok, where millions saw it of users.

The Teenager’s Essay About Her Mother Reduces The English Teacher To Tears.

On TikTok, a teen’s touching post that brought her teacher to tears went viral and left fans “in tears.”

After her mother passed away from cancer when she was just eighteen, Ryan Harman, a teenager, wrote the personal essay.

Harman posted screenshots of the story he wrote about his mother’s unexpected death on TikTok, where it was viewed almost 7 million times and liked by 1 million people.

Power of Writing Can Move Teachers

Students in schools and colleges know how hard it is to impress and win the hearts of their teachers. They have to do all the heavy lifting, from finding the right topic to outlining, writing multiple drafts, and proofreading them. Still, they have their fingers crossed due to the uncertainty of the results. However, in a dramatic turn of events, Ryan has managed to woo her teachers. Keep in mind that she did nothing special in her essay except write down the things she faced when her mother was diagnosed with cancer and then battled with it before dying in 2022.

A Journey of Loss & Finding Courage

Ryan was vacationing in a beach town with her friends when she discovered that her mother was not answering her calls on FaceTime. Ryan was worried for a moment but then thought that her mother might be busy with chores and tasks around the house. Little did she know that her mother could hardly move from where she sat. Although Ryan was strong, she could not bear her mother losing a “part of her life” every day.

Despite the chemotherapy and other prevalent treatments, the condition of her mother got worse. Her mother celebrated her daughter’s graduation, welcoming her into adulthood and giving her all the wishes and prayers to succeed.

Battling Cancer & Odds

Ryan’s story is not so different from many others that we hear and experience around us. The anguish of losing a loved one who was with you your whole life, whom you smiled, cried, laughed, and jumped through the phases. It takes only a disease, an incurable one, that can remove the thing from your life that made it so much better.

People Are In Tears After Reading Ryan’s Essay

Two days after posting her essay on TikTok, over six million people have read Ryan Harman’s essay, and more than 20,000 people have commented on it. Her journey of pain and suffering has echoed with millions, showing us how we are all together in a bond of humanity.

What Is The Tiktok Trending Essay That Made My English Teacher Cry?

The Essay That Made My English Teacher Cry

Ryan made the decision to write an essay about her mother, who passed away from cancer in 2022. She shares the tragic and heartbreaking tale of her mother’s death at the age of 18 from cancer.

“Every day since receiving the diagnosis, she has lost a little piece of herself. She was the greatest mother anyone could ask for—she was resilient, strong, loving, and caring,” the author wrote. She begins by expressing her pride in her mother for being able to attend her high school graduation despite being unable to leave the house. Ryan talked about her beach vacation that she took with her friends. While absent, her mom suddenly stopped replying to her FaceTime calls. However, Ryan decided not to worry and enjoyed her time away. As she got back home, her mom had gotten significantly worse. The tumors had multiplied, and her spine had 75% collapsed. She then entered hospice care and never got back up from her bed.

People All Around The World Are Crying Over It.

Ryan received encouraging feedback after sharing the essay on her TikTok. With more than 20,700 comments, the praise is never ending.

Someone wrote: “I’m crying over this right now. You have such strength. I’m sure your mother is really pleased with the person you’ve grown into.

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