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Wellness login Rental Assistance is the federally funded Emergency Rental Assistance Program to “help people get back on their feet.” Floridians face poverty due to rental houses, business losses or Covid health issues, and their biggest concern is what will happen next. login rental Assistance helps Floridians regain their feet by supporting residents and businesses as they recover and rebuild. So, It is a federally funded emergency rental assistance relief program for Floridians. login Rental Assistance press releases and provide the most up-to-date information to applicants and Florida residents. You can access your local continuing care for additional resources if you are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Assistance to Applicant Rental Assistance aims to help Florida families stay safe in their rented homes while ensuring businesses receive due rent and utility payments. This relief will allow candidates to continue to rebuild after economic difficulties.

The Emergency Rental Assistance Program (ERAP) makes funds available to state and local governments to help households unable to pay rent or utilities. The login state that ERAP stopped accepting new applications on May 12 and will close soon. Families with pending login applications should monitor their portal and emails for approval or denial. Login

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Our Florida: Helping Florida Recover and Rebuild login– Opportunities for Utilities and Rental Assistance login Program – Relief for Past Due Rent and Utilities

Emergency Rental and Utility Assistance Program

State of Florida Emergency Rental Assistance Program

our florida program login login Reviews

Floridians who received rent and utility assistance through OUR Florida, the federally funded emergency housing assistance program operated by the Department of Children and Families, share their revival stories.

OUR Florida provides rental and utility assistance to families affected by the public health emergency. The program launched on May 10 and has already paid out millions in aid to homeowners and utility companies to ensure families can safely stay together in their homes.

I was without a job last April due to the pandemic. When the money started to end, I realized I was going to be deported and wondered how I would make ends meet. Everything changed when I found out about the login program. login has given me the relief needed to keep a roof over my head. I have recovered and started a new job at the end of this month. login has been my support during such a difficult time in my life. – Marvel, Tenant, Orlando

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“As a single mom, after losing my job in marketing during the pandemic, I was apprehensive about how I would pay my rent. login came at the right time. With the login helping me pay my rent, I have the time I need to look for a new job while keeping a roof over my son’s head. login has gotten me back on track – By Aidaliz – Tenant at Winter Park

I thought I had lost everything until I was contacted for the login program. And now, I can see the light at the end of the dark tunnel. My tenants are staying safe in their homes, and my small business is Back in the Dark – Mark, Owner of Belleview

It has been a blessing to our family in many ways. Without this program, I would be in a terrible situation, homeless or without public services. Thank you for offering this program to working families with adverse circumstances like ours. You have restored my faith in humanity and what our great country stands for! – Amanda, tenant, Orlando login Rental Assistance Offers Financial Assistance to Tenants login Rental Assistance provides eligible tenants with relief from unpaid rent and utility bills and supports landlords and utilities with income loss relief to support their continued recovery.

If you are renting your home and require emergency rental assistance, consider applying through the Department of Children and Families’ login program, which is now accepting applications. And also, this federally funded program provides rental and utility assistance to qualified individuals, families and businesses who continue to recover and wants to recreate.

To be eligible for the login program, you must be a tenant in Florida, meet certain income and hardship requirements, and risk losing your home. To get more information or to apply, visit login You can also call the login Rental Assistance Self-Serve Portal at (833) 493-0594 to check your case status, listen to program FAQs, and have an agent call you back.

How to Apply for login Rental login

Firstly, Applications must be submitted in person at the login rental Assistance location, and all mail-in applications must be postmarked by the required time to be considered.

Steps followed :

  • Your application is reviewed to verify your eligibility.
  • Further, you will receive an email once your eligibility has been verified and your completed application approved and processed.
  • Funds will be disbursed by program policies and availability of funds at the time of eligibility determination.
  • And also, you can check the application status online or contact an eligibility specialist through our call centre at 833-493-0594.
  • The call centre can be reached seven days a week from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. M. at 6 p.m. M. C’EST T.
  • In addition, Eligible Florida renters are entitled to up to 15 months of rent and utility payments.
  • All utility payments and home energy costs must be supported by a utility bill or bill in the tenant’s name showing the address of each qualified utility for a period after April 1, 2020.
  • Once an application is submitted in person or online, it is reviewed to decide if the applicant is eligible and to calculate payment. Once approved, login Rental Assistance will issue payments directly to the business, owner and utility provider.
  • And also, to check the status of your application and payment, visit

How to Know if I am Eligible

You are eligible if you:

  • Rent your house, apartment or other residential accommodation in Florida
  • When you earn an income that is equal to or less than 80% of the region’s median income, AMI
  • Qualified for unemployment, have suffered a loss of earnings, incurred significant costs or faced financial difficulties due to COVID-19
  • You risk losing your home, experiencing housing instability, or living in unsanitary conditions.

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What does login Rental Assistance do?

  • Overcome student challenges in Duval County classrooms.
  • It provides access to necessities on the beaches and beyond.
  • Connect people to essential healthcare resources in Northeast Florida.
  • Match volunteer purpose with passion.
  • Ensure that basic needs are met throughout the region.
  • Produce significant and measurable results in youth success, financial stability, and health.
  • Invests in historically disadvantaged neighbourhoods by connecting efforts to impact generational poverty.
  • It develops integrated solutions that improve lives and communities.
  • It focuses on what is most needed and what works locally.
  • It brings together leaders and organizations from all sectors.
  • Invite thousands of people to be part of the change and amplify the impact.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is meant by request for reconsideration?

It is a request from an applicant, tenant or landlord to reconsider their eligibility record or the amount of assistance where the applicant disagrees with the outcome of a programmatic decision. A landlord cannot file a request for reconsideration on behalf of a tenant.

How can an applicant submit a request for reconsideration?

Applicants, tenants or owners can submit their case for reconsideration (including submission of documents, explanations and clarifications) in the event of a determination of ineligibility or to challenge the amount of eligible assistance. Therefore, a claimant can log into their account to submit a reconsideration request, the same process a claimant uses to request assistance. Alternatively, reconsideration requests may be submitted in writing via email to login or by mail to:

OUR program in Florida

ATTN: Requests for reconsideration

2002 Old St. Augustine Road, Building C

Tallahassee, Florida 32301

And also, additional information about requesting reconsideration, including the form to submit a request, is available online at

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If I have already received assistance or assistance, can I apply?

If you have previously received assistance through the CARES Act, state and local relief funds, or private nonprofit organizations, rent or utility bills covered by these programs are not eligible for payment via the login program. Unpaid rent and utility bills not covered by these programs may be eligible for support from the login program.

How will login to Rental Assistance to confirm applicants are eligible? login to Rental Assistance

To be eligible, you must:

Rent your house, apartment, or other residential accommodation in Florida. And also, your earning income should be at or below 80% of the regional median income (AMI).

Be eligible for unemployment, have suffered a loss of income, have incurred high costs or have faced financial need due to the COVID-19 public health emergency

They risk losing their housing, experiencing housing instability or living in unsafe or unsanitary conditions.

Once the applicant submits all required documents to meet the requirements, login rental Assistance will review those documents to confirm the applicant’s eligibility.

What is the time limit for an applicant to request reconsideration?

A request for reconsideration must be in writing and received within ten (10) business days from the date of the Program Determination Notice. Applicants whose holders do not respond may submit their request for reconsideration within twenty (20) business days following the date of the Program Determination Notice.

What form of identification is required?

Some of the following documents may be used to provide proof of identity:

  • Driving license
  • State id
  • College id
  • Passport
  • Birth certificate
  • Military ID
  • Tribal identification
  • Employer ID

How long does it take to get cash assistance once approved in Florida?

Eligibility is determined by ACCESS Florida, which has automated eligibility processes. Once your application is received, they will come into contact for an eligibility interview within five days.

Is login Rental Assistance trustworthy? login Rental Assistance is the federally funded Emergency Rental Assistance Program to “help people get back on their feet.” Clayton said he received a check for the first part of 2022 but has not yet received a cheque for February, March and April. But they’re returning to us and still haven’t issued the cheque for three months. So, even after all documentation has been reviewed, they still say their documentation is under review.

Client applications are processed on a first approval, first funding basis.

If funds are depleted for the less than 50% IAM/unemployed group and funds remain in the 50-80% IAM group, clients in the priority population may be paid from this allocation. Clients are placed on a waiting list once funding allocations for that county are exhausted.

My rent is more than the maximum payment for eligible households. Can I still receive rental assistance from the login program?

Yes. The maximum payment to an eligible household, including rent and utilities, is $2,000 per month. The maximum total payment for any household during the program is $15,000. If the monthly rent exceeds the maximum rent amount, arrears can still be reduced up to the maximum amount of help available per household, which is $15,000. login Rental Assistance Program in Florida is Ending

The eviction notice shocked many families because they sought help from the login program, the state’s rental assistance program launched during the pandemic with the federal government’s money. login Rental Assistance hopes that all available funds will be dedicated to families who have requested and been approved for assistance. According to the login program, the program has helped more than 228,000 families and distributed more than $1.3 billion.

The group provides legal assistance to vulnerable low-income people in 12 counties in central Florida. So, the organization hosts these outreach events to help tenants navigate the login programs end. In addition, according to the group, more than 100 people sought help two weeks after the state announced the program was closing.

He said even before login Rental Assistance announced the upcoming shutdown, they warned people that there might not be enough money for everyone. Now that the program is ending, people must prepare for the worst and seek other resources immediately.


The Rental Assistance program claims to help thousands of Floridians who stay in their homes. However, the application process for the program is now closed. Still, the program is ongoing because those who were approved for aid were supposed to be able to recertify and continue to receive assistance until funds were exhausted.

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