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Emprego Xunta Gal Job Opportunities and Procedure to Apply

Emprego Xunta Gal

Suppose you are unemployed or looking for an active work in the community of Galicia. In that case, you can benefit from all the advantages of Emprego Xunta Gal and its solutions. Thanks to the different channels available to this service, you can take additional steps to improve your professional situation.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know to access all Emprego Xunta services. For this reason, you will be able to look for a job, seal the strike or enroll in one of the training courses of this Galician organization.

What is Emprego Xunta Gal?

It is a Galician community body responsible for processing and managing multiple procedures related to jobs and employment opportunities in the region. Emprego Xunta offers job search services, training courses, and general development for all job seekers. It also has offices throughout Spain so you can carry out your requests and procedures without any problem.

With this service, you can have a web portal to manage different activities related to the entity’s labor market. You can even go personally to the offices of the Galician Placement Service to receive the advice you need.

Emprego Galicia is an administrative entity dependent on the Conselleria de Emprego and the Xunta de Galicia. Its primary function is to provide services related to employment policies within the community of Galicia, actively collaborating in developing guidelines, training, and job search, for the insertion in the labor sector of those who seek to practice professionally. It is necessary to make an appointment with Emprego Xunta to visit one of its offices to request its services,

How to Look for Work in Emprego Xunta?

Emprego offers a comprehensive and efficient job search service for all users in its network. You can access job offers through its online portal and use the search engine to find a job that suits your needs and skills.

These are some steps to follow to use the Emprego Xunta Gal job search engine:

How to Take an Appointment at Emprego Xunta Gal?

The State Public Employment Service Emprego Xunta Gal offers its users different options to access its services in the most comfortable way possible. In this way, those who wish to go personally to one of its offices can request a prior appointment with Emprego Xunta through telematic services, that is, online and through the contact telephone number.

Steps for Prior Appointment at Emprego Xunta Gal

  1. Go to the Emprego Xunta website; at the end of the guide, you can go here:
  2. Upon entering the link, a window loads; locate and check the box with the phrase “Request an appointment for your employment agency.” When selecting, a new window will open in which you must select the office you want to go to or the one closest to your residence.
  3. Next, you must select the type of procedure that you plan to carry out at the Emprego Xunta office. When filling out the form, select the “Next” option.
  4. Then you need to complete the following form. In it, you must indicate the date and time that suits you to attend your Emprego Xunta Gal appointment; remember that the days and times available are in blue. While selecting the day and time, tap on the “Next” option.
  5. Then fill in the new form; you must enter your identification data, email, and phone number here. Click on the check where you accept the terms of use of your data, enter the information for the security verification captcha, and press the “Next” option.

The procedure is ready; on the screen, you will see the receipt of your previous Emprego Xunta Gal  appointment, and you will only have to save and print the information

Who Can Access Emprego Xunta Gal?

Generally, this service is for anyone, whether they are Galicia’s residents. In addition, they may be active or unemployed workers looking for work or wishing to take vocational training to improve their skills.

In addition to this, the portal also helps companies find qualified personnel to fill their positions. For this reason, it allows posting job offers with the professional profile you want your employees to have.

What Can be Done on the Emprego Xunta Gal portal?

This portal shows several procedures that will help you enter or improve your skills in the Galician labor market. In addition, you can quickly manage these other procedures:

How to Request an Appointment for Emprego Xunta Gal through the Website?

How to Cancel the Appointment at Emprego Xunta Gal

If for some reason, you cannot attend your appointment through the online system, you can change or cancel it; by following these steps:

Enter the main Emprego website; you can access it here:

Select the option “Request a quote for your employment agency.” Here the form necessary to request an appointment is loaded; however, at the bottom, you will find the option “Consult, modify or cancel the reservation” select the last section of the sentence “Change or cancel reservation.”

A form will be loaded immediately, in which you will have to indicate your identification number, the code of your appointment (reference), and the office where you have your appointment. Once the form is complete, tap on the “Continue” option.

The system asks you to indicate whether you want to change or cancel your Emprego Xunta appointment. If you select the option to cancel the appointment, you must confirm the process to revoke it permanently. However, if you want to change the date of your appointment: Select the option to change, choose between the available dates and times, and rearrange your appointment.

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Additional Information on Emprego Xunta Gal

In addition to what we mentioned above, you can learn more about the following:

To know everything about the job application, whether it is how it is processed, what documentation you need, and how to update it.

Here are tips for writing your resume and the best way to write a cover letter.

Renewal of the application card and answers to the most frequently asked questions about this procedure.

Access the different job seekers in Galicia, although you can also find options in Spain and Europe.

You can also obtain professional training through INEM courses for the unemployed and employees.

Vocational orientation and professional advice in the different scales of labor categories

Requests for help and the documentation you need to set up your own business, so you will also receive a guide to get to the Galicia Emprende website.

Access to the SEPE website to check unemployment benefits and aid.

Finally, you can consult the information about sectors and job opportunities in the community. All this with the help of the Emprego Xunta portal.

Emprego Xunta Gal Virtual Employment Workshop

The Virtual Office is a comprehensive service portal where you can view and perform Emprego-related procedures quickly and easily. To do this, you must identify with your electronic ID or fingerprint if you go to an information kiosk.

In addition, the same Emprego office will give you a username and password to access this service from your home.

From this virtual office, you can:


Registering as a job seeker is the only condition to use this application. Then you will need to download the app and add your username and password.

It would help if you keep in mind that this password is the same as the one you use on the service’s web portal. If this is the first time, you must enter an email address; it must be the same as the one you registered in your application. You can expand the information on the official employment and placement page of Galicia Emprego Xunta.

Mobem Mobile App:

It is the official Emprego Xunta app for mobile devices, where you can:

Exit mobile version