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Consulado De Honduras, Plan for an Appointment

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Are you worried about where to apply for a passport or identity card in Honduras? Here, we will guide you through all the documents required and the steps to follow. Besides, we will know the locations, guide and the process to make an Appointment at www citaconsular com. Also, we will let you know the documents required for an Adult and Minor to apply for www citaconsular com.

Plan a Strategy to Take an Appointment at Consulado De HondurasAppointment at Consulado De Honduras

Make your Checklist – To apply for a passport or identity card, you must provide several documents. With a personal checklist, you can find out which specific documents you need. So, make a separate checklist for each request.

What do you want to apply for?

  • Passport
  • Identification document
  • Business Passport
  • Second passport (business)

You may need a second passport. Do you travel to countries in conflict? Or do you regularly travel to countries that require a visa?

Check Additional Requirements – In your checklist (from step 1), you can see if you need to provide Honduran documents to apply for a passport or ID card. And if necessary legalize and translate your documents. Here you can read the specific documents you need.

Request for Appointment and Select a Date – Do you already know what documents you need? Then you can make an appointment.

Go to your Appointment – You must appear in person to apply for your passport or identity document, even if you are under 18.

Pick up in person or receive your passport or ID by mail – Normally, your passport or identity card will be ready in 4 weeks. In this case, the management will last more than four weeks. They will let you know if any documents are missing from your application. You must collect your new passport or identity document within a maximum period of 3 months. After this period, the document is destroyed.

About Consulado De Honduras

Consulado de Honduras is the official page of the Consulate Appointment Platform at, developed to manage all procedures through control and order, allowing each person to choose through http// the day she wishes to be served. Likewise, each person will have a confirmation in their email of the agreed Appointment. This page is easy to use; above all, you can access it whenever you want. Honduras is in the heart of Central America, ready with everything you need.

About Consulado De HondurasAbout Consulado De Honduras

Consulado de Honduras in San Francisco (Embassy) is located in the City and County of San Francisco, California, United States. And also, the nearby area or landmark is 1700 California St. The address for the Honduran Consulate in San Francisco is number 460, 1700 California St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA. The Honduran Consulate in San Francisco has many locations listed around you, and we cover at least 51 places around you on the website

Address – #460, 1700 California St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA

Area | Landmark – 1700 California St

Website –

Our offices are 6755 Peachtree Industrial Blvd, Suite 120, Atlanta, GA 30360.

Information on the visa processing procedure

1.- The information on the requirements should be consulted at:

2.- Your Appointment must be obtained exclusively through the MiConsulado service:

Appointments are not managed by any other means.

3.- Show up the day of your Appointment 10 minutes before.

There are no changes or cancellations of appointments. If you cannot attend, you must reapply on another available date.

They can only enter accompanied by minors and adults who need it.

4.- They must comply with the requirements established for a visa, including the application form, duly completed and their photo pasted in the indicated box.

Guide for an Appointment at consulado de honduras (

You can find the details online and easily get the information required by opening the website. As much as you search, you can find the relevant information and the steps are given below as a guide to using the website

Step 1:

You can access the platform via a computer, an iPad (tablet) or from your mobile phone, as long as you have sufficient Internet access, so we recommend that you make your Appointment from a computer.

Step 2:

You will go online and place, and the page will come up to start booking your Appointment. Click on the word Select location, and the options will appear:

  • Mobile consulates
  • Europe (here you will find the Consulates accredited in this Continent)

Step 3:

When selecting Europe, the consulates accredited in Spain will be displayed: Barcelona and Madrid, for which you will choose the consular office where you wish to make an appointment.

A form will then be presented to you, where you will only have to fill in the requested fields, which are personal data you know. Remember that your identity number is listed in the general data information on your passport.

The data to be included must correspond to the person who wishes to be assisted at the Consulate; this information is verifiable. However, if the Appointment is to process a minor’s passport, the data to be included must correspond to the minor. The minor’s identity will appear on the birth certificate, in the case of a passport, for the first time. Then you will click continue

Step 4:

Here, you will be presented with a series of documents issued by the Consulado De Honduras and, depending on your needs; you will select the type of procedure to be carried out. It is essential to mention that an appointment is made for each document since it is necessary to consider the number of services per person to be attended daily, either by the processing of passports or by notarial deeds (the latter requires stamps).

Step 5:

This page will be generated when you choose the type of procedure you want to perform; in this section, you will find all the required information you need to present. After this section, you will find an option that you will click on: “if you meet all the requirements, press here” and then the CONTINUE option.

We recommend that you read the information included in the consular procedures on this web page “” so that you have all the information provided by the Consulate.

Step 6:

The next page that gets displayed is a daily calendar for the current month where you can select the day you wish to be served; note that if all the quotas for appointments for that day are already busy, you must choose another day in the same month or another month.

This section lists the available times. Likewise, you are reminded that the purpose of this page is to guarantee you a place to take care of, so you must show up on the day of your Appointment at the time you have chosen, and you must have enough time.

The Consulate takes care of all people who come to the facilities, whether they have an appointment for passport procedures or notarial deeds, as well as people who come to inquire or seek advice. Everybody is important and deserves to be treated in an atmosphere of friendship and education.

Step 7:

The next page will confirm that you have successfully booked your date. And also, at this point, an email will be sent to you from the dating platform so that you have a reminder of your date; you must bring a printed appointment confirmation document.

What if the Appointment is Missed as per Consulado De Honduras?

  • If you miss the day of your Appointment, it is recommended that you enter your email and look for confirmation of the Appointment so you can reschedule it.
  • By postponing your Appointment, you allow another person who can make an appointment and attend your procedure.
  • The Consulado De Honduras is your home, and you are our bosses. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is our superior, and we respect the laws of Honduras.
  • Besides, the Consulate is simply the channel or means through which the passport or any other type of legal document is processed.
  • When you get your passport, it is through Migration Honduras linked to the National Registry of Persons.

What are the Requirements for Passport Processing under Consulado De Honduras at

Make sure you carry all the relevant documents when you are going to apply for it. We have mentioned all the documents required below

Valid Honduran Identity Card

You must present your marriage certificate if you are a woman and want your married name to appear on your passport.

Suppose your passport application is because it has been stolen, damaged or lost; in that case, you must file a complaint with the police about where the event occurred. Failing that, make a sworn statement at the Honduran Consulate, where your passport will be processed. (The affidavit has a value of 50.00 USD)

Requirements when you DO NOT carry the identity card, but it has been processed in Honduras or the brigades of the National Registry of Persons:

Submit at least one Honduran document with your identity number (DIGITAL birth certificate, previous passport, driver’s license, password). *The officer will look for the RNP photographic record to attach it to the application.

Do not have an identity card since it has NEVER been processed:

Digital Honduran birth certificate

At least one document from the following list:

  1. Handwritten expired passport,
  2. Yellow cards,
  3. Honduran driver’s license,
  4. Social Security Card from Honduras,
  5. Certificate of Education from Honduras (with or without photo),
  6. CURRENT residence card,
  7. CURRENT GST Card.

Affidavit from their parents or, failing that, from a brother or sister. Further, they must present documents to verify the family relationship. Even that must be prepared at the corresponding Consulate or by Honduran notaries duly authenticated by the Supreme Court of Justice of Consulado De Honduras. The one carried out by a notary of a nationality other than Honduran must be presented duly attested. The affidavit must include a recent photograph of the applicant, and the document must indicate that the image coincides with the citizen requesting the passport.

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If the applicant is under 21, she must submit:

Honduran digital birth certificate.

Appear with both parents duly documented. If one of them is absent, the absent father and mother must present an original authorization issued before a notary in Honduras or the Consulado De Honduras, where the absent father or mother is located, indicating the name of the person who accompanies the minor. That which is performed by a notary of a nationality other than Honduran must be duly apostilled.

Copy the parent’s identity card or passport and the person authorized to carry out the procedure.

In addition, If one of the parents is deceased, the interested party must submit an original copy of the death certificate issued by the competent authority.

Suppose an international court grants parental authority to one of the parents or a third party. In that case, it must be registered with the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras to have the corresponding legal value. If you do not know where the father or mother is, you must submit a copy of the court ruling that grants custody of the minor duly authenticated by a Honduran notary. Likewise, he may present an authorization issued by a competent judge, which must be legalized or certified by the Supreme Court of Justice of Honduras.

consulado de honduras Price

  • The 5-year passport has a value of $60.00. The 10-year passport has a value of $75.00.
  • Those under 21 years of age can only process a 5-year passport.
  • Further, Only Western Union or Post Office money orders are accepted.
  • For an appointment, go to or call (404)410-3552.
  • And also, appointments are free and non-transferable.

Adult and Minor Passport Terms consulado de honduras (

The terms and conditions differ based on if you are an adult or minor. Make sure you check and go through all the details mentioned below to get a better idea so that you need to go for multiple visits.

Adult Passport Terms:

  1. The passport process is personal; you can schedule your Appointment on the platform or go to the Consulate General of Honduras in Montreal.
  2. And also, present the Honduran identity card.
  3. Suppose you do not have a Honduran identity card. In that case, you must present at least two pieces of identification, a birth certificate, a previous passport, a card from the Honduran Institute of Social Security, etc. If you do not have two titles, your parents or a relative in the fourth degree of consanguinity or the second degree of affinity must sign an affidavit at the Honduran consular section, which incurs an additional fee.
  4. Passport expired or is about to expire
  5. Issue Money order in the name of the Consulate of Honduras
  6. Prepaid envelope with your address for sending the passport, in case you cannot pick it up.

*Note: If you wish to include a married name on your passport, you must indicate this and submit the original marriage certificate and a photocopy.

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Minor Passport Terms:

  1. The passport process is personal; you can schedule your Appointment on the platform www citaconsular com ( and go to the Consulate General of Honduras in Montreal.
  2. The minor must come to the Consulate accompanied by both parents to carry out the passport process, who must be duly identified using their Honduran passport or identity cards and carry all the minor’s requirements to process the passport.

Note: In the absence of one of the parents, this document must be accompanied by authorization and legalized by a notary public. And also, this must be legalized by the College of Notaries of the Province.

  1. The original birth certificate issued by the National Registry of Persons of Honduras (RNP) must be without damages, alterations or erasures. Besides, handwritten birth certificates are not accepted. So, this document will be part of the physical file.
  2. Expired or about to pass the passport of the minor.
  3. The money order was issued in the name of the Consulate of Honduras.
  4. Prepaid envelope with your address for sending the passport, in case you cannot pick it up.

*Note: Applications for under-21s can only be made for five years.

​ Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ): Consulado De Honduras

Though everything is mentioned in detail at www citaconsular com, people have many questions to be clarified. Here are some of them which help it easy for you.

Where is the consulado de honduras in San Francisco?

The Consulate of Honduras in San Francisco is located at: suite #460, 1700 California St, San Francisco, CA 94109, USA.

What is the phone number for the Consulado De Honduras in San Francisco in the City and County of San Francisco?

For more information, if you want to know more, for any other questions, go to their website:

What are the coordinates of consulado de honduras in San Francisco?

Latitude: 37.790523

Length: -122.4230564

What are the opening hours of the Consulado De Honduras in San Francisco?

The Honduran Consulate in San Francisco, City and County of San Francisco, is open most days of the week, specifically as follows:

  • Monday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Tuesday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Wednesday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Thursday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Friday: 9 AM to 5 PM
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: closed


As the passport process is personal, it’s always better if you apply for it on your own by logging into Consulado De Honduras at So, I guess this article obliges you to make your job easy and convenient. So, here we can say all you need is www citaconsular com to get your passport.

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