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Claim To Fame: Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Hugo Wentzel’s Age, Job & Instagram

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Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Hugo Wentzel’s  – Claim to Fame constant Hugo Wentzel is Jimmy Carter’s grandson. Jimmy Carter is a former president. Here, we share facts about the reality contestant’s life, age, and Instagram.

Claim to Fame is a reality show where viewers guess the famous people contestants are related to. In the August 7 episode, Hugo reveals he is a Jimmy Carter grandson because his fellow contestants mistakenly assumed that Chris’s identity is linked to singer Elton John. Some clues make it all mesmerizing, but sometimes, they can lead to Claim to Fame fans incorrectly. After knowing he is Jimmy Carter’s grandson, ‘Claim To Fame’ felt presidential this season.

Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Hugo Wentzel’s Age Job Instagram

Claim to Fame, a competitive game series, has been a fan favorite week after week, and the most recent episode included another elimination. This time around, Hugo James Wentzel was eliminated. The 24-year-old star claims to be related to former United States President Jimmy Carter and is currently dating his co-contestant, Olivia Aquilina.


In this article we discuss about Jimmy Carter’s Grandson Hugo Wentzel’s life, age, and Instagram. Hugo Wentzel Is 24 Years Old. Hugo’s a Leo born in 1999 and lives in Atlanta, Georgia. Unsurprisingly, he was in the spotlight, as Leos are born to shine.

Hugo Wentzel is a contestant in the reality show Claim to Fame. He is eliminated from the show in the August 7 episode. In this episode, he revealed that he is the grandson of Jimmy Carter. Amy Carte is the mother of Hugo Wentzels, who was present in the White House from 1977 to 1981. Hugo announced his claim to Fame to his fellow contestants and hosts, Kevin and Frankie Jonas.

  • Hugo’s a Leo. That sign is known for its star quality.
  • His appearance on a reality show like Claim to Fame helped him fulfill his Leo destiny.
  • His grandfather inspires him. Hugo may consider a political career and a powerlifter apart from being a reality star.
  • With a growing number of followers, Hugo is active on Instagram.

What Job Does Hugo Wentzel Do?

Nowadays days, people know him as a reality star. Claim to Fame: Reality shows became his claim to Fame. He is a powerlifter, relatively young, and may be thinking about a political career someday. So, anything’s possible; his grandfather inspires him. After being on the show, Hugo attracted fans. Therefore, he may be able to waylay his reality fame into an influencer career.

Hugo Wentzel Is Active On Instagram

Hugo Wentzel is very active on Instagram. He has 5,585 followers, and his Instagram account ID is @hugowentzel. The Claim to Fame star seems to enjoy using social media but hasn’t posted much. However, he is celebrating his experience on the reality show via IG. He posted one cute post with his girlfriend. He mentioned himself and his girlfriend as “Future Mr. & Mrs. President.” That’s a vital clue of her drive, but fetching the POTUS is no calm act. Possibly, Hugo will pull it off.

About What is it like growing up as Jimmy Carter’s grandson?

About What is it like growing up as Jimmy Carter's grandson_

He says 100 Secret Service agents would appear in black vans in elementary school on Grandparents’ Day. Everyone was confused. They’re like, “Why is our school being taken over by the Secret Service? “What is going on?

There are just so many crazy things – perks or even just cool things he gets the chance to experience and go on crazy vacations. He went to Turkey and met Peter Gabriel. It’s almost like usual now, but it’s so cool. Hugo thinks it’s fantastic.

How was his experience of “Claim to Fame” what he expected it to be?

  • Hugo says it was the most incredible experience of his life. It was better than expected, and he assumed it would be a chill thing.
  • He would go on the show for a month, have no phone, spend time with people, come back, overlook it a little, and realize it.
  • Hugo feels so connected to everyone on the show. But doing it was just so amazing!
  • Still, he has excellent friends from Claim to Fame.
  • He saw JR on his birthday. He is dating Olivia from the same show (Aquilina, eliminated on the July 31 episode).

Does Hugo Wentzel Have any Regrets About How He Played the Game?

At the end of the show, Hugo felt like my connections and the friends that he made were more important than even the money or just winning for glory. He knew JR’s relative but had helped him several times before. Hugo hung out with him every single day on the show and wanted him to go far. Hugo was down to take a wild guess on Chris just because he knew Chris tried to guess him the whole time. From other people’s perspective, that might be a big regret he would have, but he doesn’t think he has any regrets.

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