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4 Careers to Pursue If You Like the High-Life

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4 Careers to Pursue If You Like the High-Life: Living the high-life can mean that you are in pursuit of a certain luxury or ideal: you want to live a more fast-paced lifestyle than others, with a career that allows you to explore the world, meet new people, and makes you feel alive.

To help you reach this goal, there are some interesting jobs out there, so the high-life might not be as far away as you first thought. This is especially true if you are just starting your job hunt for your dream occupation, and some of the options are more unusual than you think.

Here are four suggestions for jobs that allow you to live the high-life.

1. Working on a superyacht

Working on a superyacht can be a great way to work with a tight-knit community, as well as being able to see the world. This job does come with some complications though, such as seafarers tax. If you live in the UK, you are going to need to pay a tax from your earnings while at sea; however, there are businesses that can complete your seafarers self assessment tax return for you.

2. Professional sleeper

If you would like to have a job that takes you all over the world, being a professional sleeper might be a great option for you. Professional sleepers are those that try out hotels and give the hotel owners honest reviews of their services and hospitality. This couldbe anything from basic two-star hotels to more luxurious five-star hotels, but you get to go to different places and enjoy yourself for a relaxing evening in a hotel (and get paid for it).

3. Wine taster

If you have a great sense of taste and smell, you might find that being a wine taster is the perfect fit for you. Wine tasting is a complex job with a lot of interesting benefits, including being able to try a range of gorgeous wines, specializing in a type of wine, and becoming exceptionally knowledgeable and sought after. Being a wine connoisseur can be an exceptionally desirable occupation, especially if you are a lover of expensive wines and excellent company.

4. Aeroplane flight attendant

If you like to travel and meet a lot of new people and you still want a challenging job, you might find that being a flight attendant is a good idea for you. It can be a job of excellent perks if you are cut out for it. It can also be incredibly rewarding, as well as allowing you to travel over a huge portion of the world. You do have to be able to deal with last-minute changes, live a nomadic lifestyle, cope with a high level of responsibility, and be perfectly happy with being in an airplane for large amounts of time, though.

Final thoughts

No matter what job you choose, there is a huge amount of choice to match your ideal lifestyle. If you like to travel, becoming a flight attendant or working on a superyacht might be perfect for you. If you like luxury and skill, being a wine taster might be a better option. If you like a mix of both, being a professional sleeper might be the ideal way to live the high-life.

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